TypeSense Free WordPress Theme

typesense free wordpress theme

TypeSense is a free worpdress theme that take minimal to the extreme – content is certainly king. It is all about the text and designed to appeal to writers who want their words to have all the focus. There are no sidebars, sliders, jQuery scripts or plugins which could distract the reader or slow the site down – a real advantage given website speed is a ranking for google.

The site is responsive across tablets and mobiles so reading on the go will be nice and easy. It was developed by Mathieu Mayer- Mazzoli (matmm.me).

The default home page has 5 blog post snippets followed by the the categories, search bar and archives (see image below). Very clean and neat with a traditional georgia typeface that will be liked by most writers. Obviously, this theme is only going to appeal to a minority who want something so stripped back and minimal. However, when simplicity and speed is what you need and you don’t want to a free theme this may be a good choice.


Typesense Free Theme