Tips to Integrate Shopify in your WordPress Website

Advertising your online business and drawing in clients to your e-commerce store is much harder than promoting any other site. To create a good number of followers, merchants should create an outstanding site accompanied with great products. This can take months before any online business can be considered a success.

Merchants using WordPress can now create their online stores in a more creative way by using the Shopify eCommerce plugin. With this powerful plugin, you no longer need to leave WordPress to add your products on any of your pages.

Creating an e-commerce website with outstanding features may have been a problem in the past. Fortunately, WordPress is not only e-commerce compatible, but also Shopify-compatible.

The ease in managing your online store using WordPress plus the awesome features of Shopify could bring your online store to new heights. By merging these two powerhouses, you can now integrate payment forms, secure checkout, shipping form, inventory and taxes.

How does the Shopify eCommerce plugin work?

Putting up an online store is no longer a scary thought for startups, because the solid functionality and structure of WordPress can now be enhanced by installing the Shopify eCommerce plugin, thus increasing the possibility of wider online visibility and better overall service for any business.

Simply install the Shopify WordPress eCommerce plugin and you will be able to customize your page or blog just the way you want. Whether you want customers to shop for a single product or multiple items, this will no longer be deterrent to your online success because of the seamless experience of using Shopify with WordPress.

Selling on WordPress using the Shopify plugin is of great value, both money-wise and aesthetic-wise. For a minimum cost of $9/month, expect a sudden influx of customers to your online store, which will lead to an increase in your sales.

For existing Shopify merchants who would like to make use of this great online selling platform on WordPress, simply download the themes or the Shopify WordPress plugin page.

WordPress themes that work well with Shopify

Most of the modern WordPress themes are capable of working with the Shopify eCommerce plugin, although it is highly recommended to use themes that are already confirmed to be compatible with the e-commerce system.

Themezilla, Themify and Ultralinx are three of the most popular theme foundries that not only offer stylish and highly customizable themes but also create themes that are compatible with Shopify. By using their themes, there’s a big chance that you can entice your customers and receive a positive response.

Here are some of the recommended Shopify WordPress themes that could help you maximize the potential of your online business:

Hype by Themezilla

shopify wordpress theme hype by themezilla

Shopify theme developer Themezilla offers Hype, a portfolio-type theme that makes setup convenient but elegantly presents your products online. Smartly designed to help merchants post and sell in a snap, Hype can also be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Simple by Themify

shopify wordpress theme simple by themify

Outstanding features of Simple, created by Themify, one of the WordPress developers are the visual effects that have a modern touch, thus featuring your products in a distinctive way. This theme is highly customizable to fit any merchant’s unique presentation of products.

Pulse by Ultralinx

shopify wordpress theme pulse by ultralinx

Pulse features buy buttons that puts ease in selling single products. This theme was designed to work on both mobiles and tablets. It can track inventory, customers and orders in a click. Highly customizable, Pulse includes the ability to change layout, colors and fonts.


If you’re comfortable with using WordPress as a website platform, integrating Shopify can turn your site into a powerful e-commerce store. The tips above should be able to help you get started on your journey to earning big with both WordPress and Shopify.