Tips For Increasing Mobile Sales

Did you know that there are about $93 billion spent via mobile devices on a yearly basis, and the numbers are not even beginning to show the full potential of the internet and mobile device in terms of sales? This is one of the most reasonable reasons why you should start paying a lot more attention to your current mobile sale strategy – or start bulldog one in ace you are completely lacking one!

Know How To Target The Right People

Depending on the products or services you are selling, you need to know exactly how to target your right niche. Hire specialized help that can carefully assess your targeted market and also give you the right tools and strategies to reach this market slice. One in every eight online shopping carts tend to be abandoned during the holiday season alone; this translates into several other lost billion dollars in sales that have failed. Mobile marketing is thus a must and we are here to throw you just the hand you need. According to official data, tablet owners spend 20% more money compared to laptop owners; also, 23% of buyers spend a lot more time on the web than inside land stores. Adding mobile payment options when creating your mobile marketing strategy will also work wonders. It would appear that over 20% of purchases completed on mobile devices come as a reaction to seeing an online ad or email.

Let’s Look At A Practical Example

Think of an online sports betting platform that has the “bet now” button somewhere at sight along with information on the attractive welcome bonus for newly registered bettors – the impact will be huge and visitors are more likely to use their phone or tablet to wager. In other words, the site is more likely to make a new sale online. For members of the Ladbrokes sports affiliation program, the more appealing the bonuses and odds, the better off their own winnings at the end of the month. Deciding to become an affiliate marketer and working alongside the Ladbrokes giant and their Sports platform could prove to be one of the best decisions you have taken. Their platform is extremely robust and well-built and you should not have a lot of trouble promoting it and attracting more players eager to register. The professional teams of international marketers will guide you whenever you will need help, new strategies or expert tools, no matter what language you might be speaking. And the four different types of commissions you could be looking into (CPA deals, revshare deals, hybrid deals, and sub-affiliate commissions) .You will also enjoy excellent advantages due to the fact Ladbrokes Sports is already an international flagship product of the company and a recognized market leader when it comes to sports betting options. The fact they are also selling their products to mobile users makes an affiliate marketer’s job even easier. Their exclusive offers that can solely be accessed via mobile platforms are art of the company’s mobile marketing strategy, another obvious advantage that can boost their sales online.