How To Register A Domain Name: Basic Tips and Tricks

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Choosing and registering the right domain name is crucial for marketing your brand. Your domain name identifies your business and sets it apart from the others. Getting it right will also make it easier for potential customers to land on your business page and to keep them coming back.

Here are some basic tips on how to register your domain name:

Choose a domain name that’s relevant

You need to choose a name that relates to your business and identifies with your products or services. While your domain name must be unique and memorable, it must be correlated with your business or industry.

One basic trick you can adopt is to integrate a combination of relevant keywords with your business or company name. This gives users an idea of what you do or what you offer while still allowing them to remember your brand.

Check for availability

Generally, you can’t use a name that’s already been registered. The only way to do that is to negotiate for the purchase of one that’s already been taken. This can take time and the price is likely to be higher than the costs for registering a new one.

To check if your chosen domain name is still available, you can go the website of a registrar and type in the domain name. You may want to run searches of other probable combinations and misspellings.

One trick you can do is to search for expired domains to see it there’s anything that you can use. Not only will this make it easier for you to find the appropriate name, but it will also be helpful in generating backlinks to your site.

Register more than one name

You may also need to register other variations, hyphenated combinations, and misspelled names. This is to make sure that those who enter any of these are redirected to your site. This will also protect your business site from hackers and scammers who may register a misspelled version of your site and commit fraudulent transactions using your brand or business name.

Study your extension options

There are several available extension names. You want to choose one that best represents the nature of your business or the content you want to promote on your site. Some of the popular extensions are:

  • .com – this stands for “commercial” and is the most widely-used extension name. It signifies that the website owner is engaged in some kind of business.
  • .biz – this is short for “business” and it is intended to provide an alternative to a .com address. This is most appropriate for online business of small to medium scale.
  • .org – it represents “organization” and is designed for those engaged in non-profitable activities such as charities, humanitarian aid organizations, clubs, and trade associations.
  • .edu – this stands for “education” and is most appropriate for educational institutions.
  • .gov – this is short for “government” and is intended to be used by sites that represent governmental agencies or units.
  • .info – this short for “information” and is used by resource websites.
  • .net – refers to “network” and was originally intended for use by internet service providers and web-hosting companies.
  • .mobi – stands for “mobile” and is designed for websites that provide mobile versions of their pages.
  • .us – represents “United States” and is meant to identify American websites. Other countries have their own counterparts such as .uk, .au, .ca, .nl, etc.

You can use as many extensions as you want if you intend to ensure that nobody else registers your domain name with another extension. In most cases, the “.com” extension is still the best option because most users are more familiar with it and they are likely to type it in search boxes.

Choose a domain name registrar

Make sure to choose an accredited domain name registrar. It must be accredited by a generic top-level domain (gTLD) and a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registry. You can check for the list of registrants at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Here some of the more popular ones:


The company offers affordable services that include a flexible domain management system, domain parking, email forwarding, web redirection, and excellent customer support services. It provides several packages to meet the needs of any type of user.


This is another registrar that’s widely preferred for their reasonably-priced bundles. GoDaddy also offers web redirection, starter web page, domain parking, reliable customer services, and optional private domain registration.


This company provides cheap services, which include private domain registration, free email account, DNS management, and domain forwarding.


Although known as a web hosting provider, DreamHost has an in-house domain registration feature. In addition, it offers cloud storage, computer services, and live support.


This company offers domain name registration, aswell as web hosting packages and 24/7 customer support. BlueHost provides clients a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Service for value

In choosing a domain registrar, you should opt for one that offers the most number of services at affordable rates. You can refer to reviews and compare the various recommendations to help you choose the package that is most suited to your needs.

Determine the duration of use

You are allowed to select options for the length of time you wish to reserve the domain name exclusively for you. You may choose to renew it annually or after longer periods. You can also avail of auto-renewal services so you can be prompted regarding your pending term renewals a few days before your current registration expires.

Opt for private domain registration

To keep your personal information secure and avoid being listed in the WHOIS database, you can avail of private domain registration. Some companies offer this service for free while most provide it at a minimal additional cost.


These are some important tips to consider in selecting and registering a domain name. Make sure to get a package that’s appropriate for your site’s needs. And whatever primary and alternative names you choose, avoid any delays in registration. With possibly millions of competitors, you can’t afford to waste time.