Reasons why mobiles are not allowed on planes

Once you get in the airport and you have to go through the check-in controls, you will be warned to keep your mobiles off during the whole flight. This is a safety measure, as you can get to understand.

But, are you sure about this so called “safety measure”? what bad can a mobile do to a plane? Check in

Basic reason not to use your mobile

It’s time to understand why your mobile should be off during the flight on a plane. There are important reasons and not always the passengers’ “safety” is directly involved.

1. First off, most conversation on the plane are unnecessary and the passengers next to you could get annoyed listening to all such conversations.

2. Secondly, the quality of the line would be really bad. Not because you are sitting on a plane, but because the person you are calling could probably be in a noisy place.

3. Ringtones would disturb those passengers who want to sleep. Think about a long flight from East to West of the globe.

4. Some people would think to take pictures on the plane and this can disturb people who do not want to be in those pictures.

5. Above all, to provide passengers a good and stable connection to the line, air companies should invest much money in more technology.

Mobiles as a good alternative to a classic phone

Classic phone devices, those with a number pad where you had to type each single number, are no more so much used. Their time is practically gone… Today a mobile can do the same and even more things.

You can call urgent help in case of accident: having a mobile in the pocket is really helpful in any case.

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