Best Examples of Minimalist Business Card

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Business card design is difficult. Finding a simple way to represent your business name and brand while also adding contact information can be a hassle, and displaying this information on a wallet-sized card is no easy task. Browse our best examples of minimalist business cards to find inspiration.

Best Examples of Minimalist Business Cards

The age of minimalism is here, and many businesses are beginning to catch on. Long gone are the days of frilly designs with superfluous imagery, and this is for the better, particularly for the purpose of business cards. Of course you will want your small wallet-sized card to look great and catch the eyes of potential clients or business partners, but the content that card contains is more important than any design that you could lay it over. Minimalism in business cards is about bringing that content to focus and eschewing everything else while maintaining a clean and sophisticated look. Using a minimalistic approach when designing your business card can make your business name or contact information more immediate to those who receive your card, while the elegance of simplicity will make them want to see the reverse side for more.

How We Choose Our Ratings 

It is our mission to provide you with the most honest and accurate information available about minimalist business cards, and that is why we have searched the internet far and wide for the best designs and examples of minimalist business cards. We have reviewed information on professionals who have used these designs and taken their feedback into our considerations as well. We understand that a business card’s function is to help the receiver retain your information with a small personal flair that makes your card memorable, and we want to help you design a minimalist business card with just enough style that points to your information while remaining professional and clean. Despite all of the advances of present-day marketing, a firm handshake and business card are still quite a team. In today’s world of technology, simple and real connections with each other tend to win out over garish corporate web designs.

Clean Monochrome Design

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The Clean Monochrome Design from Verazo uses thick rectangles and a monochrome color scheme that recalls the elegance and sheen of a tuxedo. The different combinations of rectangle height with long horizontal layering makes for neat organization and an eye-catching design. A monochromatic choice can seriously highlight the design of minimalist business cards without being immediately recognizable. This simple tactic is the heart of minimalism, and this chic if unassuming characteristic can broaden your marketability.

Yukon Business Card

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Of course, not all events are black-tie affairs, and not all types of business need business cards that evoke tuxedos. The Yukon template from Macrochromatic is a vintage-style business card with a minimalist design, with your business name and company clear on both sides with individual sections for your business’s information. The surrounding border with simplistic, angular designs recalls rustic wooden signs, and if your business would fit underneath a similar banner, the Yukon Business Card is one of the best minimalist business cards of this ilk.

Gold and Black Business Card

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Gold and black — these are two colors that have a long history of expressing esteem at a glance, and with this business card template, your prospect will know that you take pride in the quality of your work, and that quality may come with a certain price tag. From luxury to legal matters, the Gold and Black Business Card template by Shahjhan is a great choice for those who need to present themselves as a cut above the rest. The card has gold borders on each side around black background, with one side featuring a diamond design and a gold seal in the center, while the reverse side contains all of your business information in gold with laurel surrounding an emblem above it.

Naturalis Business Card Template

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The large amounts of white space of the Naturalis business card template by 46&2 Collective make for an open and natural feeling when presented that give off a very professional air. With your business information centered on one side with a single line dividing your business name from your contact information and a simple high-quality graphic on the reverse side, this professional-looking card is great for any modern business. The template’s portrait orientation is also a nice touch that offers a bit more originality to your card and sets it apart from many other designs. 

Clean Black Minimal Business Card

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Clean Black Minimal Business Card from MustaART cuts away everything that isn’t necessary for your business card. This no-frills and straightforward business card is as sleek as it is elegant. With your logo between two bold lines on the front and all of your business information neatly laid out in the center on the back, this card gets right to the point and means business. 

Premade Business Card Template

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Premade Business Card Template from Botanica Paperie is another business card that is presented in vertical portrait orientation rather than the landscape orientation that is common for most other business cards. Premade Business Card Template adds a small pop of color without making the color the center of your card. Muted turquoise with gray and coral beneath makes your information look stunningly simple, all surrounded with a thin white border. This is a fun take on the minimalist design.

Business Card - Kelsey

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It’s back to grayscale with Business Card - Kelsey from Bilmaw Creative. This design is pleasantly barebones with a singular black box with white text on the front and a simply arranged layout of your information on the reverse side. A truncated line separates your personal or business name from your title and contact information in plain and readable black text on a white background. This is minimalism at work.

Juniper Business Card Template

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Juniper Business Card Template is another business card from 46&2 Collective that displays the company name in a modern font over a high-quality natural photo with dark green and black undertones and a white border around the edge of the card. The reverse side takes a table approach for your contact information and displays your business name again above it. The Juniper Business Card Template is available in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Holo Business Card

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Though the Holo Business card’s pastel colors give it instant recognition, the content is where the minimalism comes into play and is a great design for modern companies. A single letter representing the business is on the front overlaid on the pastel clouds of color, while the reverse side keeps the color scheme along the border but also offers a large white box where your information is situated along the perimeter of the card, with a little piece in each corner. This is a clever design that can keep interested prospects engaged with your card longer and forces them to interact with it. It’s a risky move, but the Holo Business Card pulls it off nicely.

Other Design Choices to Consider

These cards are full templates that you can simply enter in your own information and have a finished product. However, if you are intending to be more hands-on in your business card design, there are a few other minimalistic design options that can help your card stand out from the crowd.

Painted Edges

Painting the edges of your business cards can give the card a flair and made it stand out even when you aren’t actively reading the information that it contains. Making a card easily identifiable in a large stack, bright colors, if they fit your company’s brand, can attract potential clients to look at your card and could possibly increase the chance that you or your company are hired. For brands and companies where bright colors would be out of character, a sleek black paint job on the business card’s edge can bring another level of class to your information. This would work exceptionally well with the Clean Black Minimal Business Card that made our list or any other minimalist business cards that use an all-black color scheme for the background.


Adding slight texture to the business card can help to give it depth. It may also help identifying your card in a large stack, though that isn’t quite the goal here. Adding a small amount of texture to your card can increase the artistic aesthetic of the card while also providing a characteristic that many other business cards do not employ. Even simple embossing or engraving can give an extra touch of professionalism to your card to let anyone who receives it know that you care about how you present yourself and your business.

Color Inversion

Inverting the colors is another option to keep in mind for when you are designing your minimalist business cards. The idea here is that the reverse side of your business card creates a sort of photographic negative effect, offering a simple way to add more uniqueness to your minimalist design. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the inversion of black and white, but can be any of the two colors that you use on the front side of your card’s design. Color inversion is a simple idea to employ and can enhance the quality of your card.

Buyer’s Guide

For those who are interested in purchasing minimalist business cards, these are just a few great templates and ideas to get your and your business started with a design that suits your needs. If you are just beginning your business card search, there are a few tips worth noting:

  • Stay in your budget. If you’re purchasing business cards for your business, whether you’re a startup or a veteran professional, it is always worth getting the reminder to stay in your budget. This is also a great reason to take the minimalistic approach when it comes to your business cards. Employing this type of design can save on printing costs, which can multiply quickly. Additionally, staying in your budget can help you maintain a realistic grasp on how many business cards you actually need to order.
  • Pick a design that suits your brand. There is nothing that could hurt the chances of your business card’s effectiveness than a format that does not correctly represent your brand. Include any colors or graphics that are associated with your brand. If you have a clean and sophisticated brand image but invest in businesses cards with extra, unneeded frills, your cards may end up lost in jacket pockets and garbage cans.
  • Think about a card that you would be interested in if it were handed to you. This may seem like an obvious or simple concept, but it rings true. What would you like to see on a card if someone put it in your palm? How you search for information on business cards and what you first notice when you see them should play into the design of your own business card, because it is likely these details are what other people are looking for, too.
  • Consider doing at least one thing different. Find something to make your card stand out from all of the others that someone may be handed. That unique spark can help your card and your name be prominent in prospects’ memories and may help give you an edge on the competition.


Minimalist business cards can really help represent your brand; from elegant to eclectic, minimalism can cover it all. Adding a little color can add fun undertones to your business card but may not work as well for some businesses. In any case, incorporating minimalistic designs into your business cards is a sure way to hand your information out in a professional manner with professional designs.

If you’ve decided not to use one of the many templates that we have offered, make sure you put effort into your own design and don’t simply paste your information at random. This small piece of cardstock represents you, your business, and your ideals, all in a wallet-sized card. It’s a lot of pressure to undertake to design a business card, particularly making more from less when creating minimalist cards. If you’re unsure about how to go about developing a minimalist design, that’s okay. Not everyone is a graphic designer, and that is precisely why we have provided you with what we believe to be the best examples of minimalist business cards with templates you can follow for your own business's needs.