How Does The Design Of Gaming Sites Affect Traffic?

How much do you think the design of a game or the overall design of a gaming site affects its traffic or number of players? According to an industry study performed by Spil Games, there are 1.2 billion people playing games worldwide, and 700 million of them are playing online. Needless to say penetrating such a huge competitive market is not a walk in the park, and every small thing helps. This of course includes the design of a site. Knowing how to tackle every design detail carefully will make all the difference in the world. So without further ado, here are a few useful tips on how to create the best designed gaming sites prone to attract more players.

Create A Short Prototype Worth 1,000 Words

You do not need to write entire books to describe the feel of the games your site is hosting. Code and test the critical mechanics of your games and write down the prototype describing the detailed design. Create the playable samples and give them to every member of the team so they can provide you with feedback and you will soon obtain your working prototype. A nice looking drawing showing an amazing game design is nice for the eyes, but it might not be the practical solution you need to actually assess the gameplay. Make sure the game has the right feel completed by exceptional graphics and design and offer players the things they want the most: mobility.

Take a look at the exciting games you can find on the m88 site. For players who are passionate about casino gambling, the fact they can gain access to games compatible with their iPhone devices is an amazing thing. These players will not spend more than a few seconds on a game that does not look promising or captivating enough for them and they will certainly will not wish to remain stranded in a chair in front of a laptop or desktop laptop just to play a game. So if you can provide them with mobile games for iPhones and other devices and make sure the design of the games and site itself are pleasant to the eye and make it easy to browse, you are on the right track.

What's the market for mobile casino games? Players all over the world who wish to play on the go, no matter if they live in Asia or they are stranded in an U.S. airport terminal for hours, wishing to relax playing a few games of poker on their phone.

Create Lean Design Documents For Your Site

Your creative team members are not truly interested in reading hundreds of pages of game design descriptions. A good design document needs to be able to accurately convey all of the key information that each teammate is meant to use. Follow the example of movie scripts; use simple and highly descriptive language.

Finally, run all the necessary tests to prevent chatter that is not necessary and use reference game sites when you need to make a difficult decision.