High Demand For Linux Specialists

The high demand for Linux specialists and software developers who are able to build apps and create devices is no longer a secret to anyone. The constant changes the market for IT jobs has went through has led to an excellent growth since it first emerged a few decades ago. Experts who can handle the data centers belonging to the largest companies in the world or social networks alike represent some of the hottest actors on it. And when it comes to Linux talent, it would appear that the demand is exponentially bigger – and we can tell by simply looking at the double the salaries these skilled developers are rewarded with, compared to other IT specialists.

What Is Generating The High Demand For Linux Experts?

One of the most recent US News & World Report has enlisted the top 100 jobs in the world; and it would appear, to no surprise for many, that software developers are ranked at number 1; plus, system administrator positions are also ranked in the first 20. The permanent need to create more competitive data usage solutions is expressed by every company out there. There is also the need to boost agility and create better open-source technologies, hence the amazing rebuilding of the economy on these pillars. The new world is obviously built on Linux, though tis is not entirely clear for everyone at the moment. But according to the results of a survey completed on over 500 Linux pros and hiring managers that was completed by the Linux Foundation, it would appear that:

  • 77% of managers have prioritized hiring Linux talent, with even more of them planning on actually hiring a Linux professional within the next 6 months; if you are skilled in the field, this is the best time for you to shine. Check out a specialized job website and upload your resume or take a look at the Zigo Jobs and manually browse all the Linux positions that appeal most to you. You can simply type in the title of the job or the name of the company you would like to work for and its location and expect to find a number of available positions.

  • Close to 90% of Linux professionals have stated that knowing Linux has helped them give their careers a nice boots, as they came across more career opportunities. If you are ready to take advantage of some on-the-job-training opportunities for Linux professionals, you can find a job within a company of your desired size and stick with them for a while. The demand for Linux talent is so high that the size of your monthly paychecks is prone to stimulate you to constantly grow.

  • The supply does not match the demand, as over 90% of hiring managers claim it is very difficult to find the experienced Linux specialists they need. Moreover, almost 8 out of 10 Linux pros said they have received at least one call from a recruiter in the last 6 months, with 50 percent of them having received at least 6 calls.