24 Headline Fonts to Transform Your Web Designs

Right at the heart of good web design are the fonts and typefaces you build your projects around. Strip back all the trends, gimmicks and other stuff hogging screen space and it all comes down to a few sets of stylised letters.

Topping your list of typeface needs is a good collection of headline fonts. After all, there’s more to an attention grabbing headline than choosing words; they need to visually catch the eye as well. Not to mention these are typically used for the first words a user sees when they land on your client’s site. So here are 24 quality headline fonts that can transform your web designs and grab attention for all the right reasons.


Adam.CG Pro

Headline fonts

Inspired by Paul Renner’s Futura, Adam is a revamp on a modern classic sans that has been catching eyes for almost a century.


Greycliff CF

Headline fonts

Greycliff is a bold, warmer approach to sans serif that puts a wonderful emphasis on strong capitals and open lowercase letters.




Headline fonts

Gokú was originally designed as a stencil font for a Watches of Switzerland event and it’s easy to see why. Those classy curves are ideal for luxury brands where style is everything.


Calendar Plus

Headline fonts

Calendar Plus is an elegant number that gets the balance between detail and readability spot on.



Headline fonts

Texta is an ultra-modern sans serif font. Those slender lines are perfect for mobile apps, intefaces and the latest digital brands.



Headline fonts

Building takes a step back towards the Art Deco movement with the tall, towering letters.



Headline fonts

Glamor is a fine example of the modern, chic font families to emerge as the web takes a more visual form.


Zona Pro

Headline fonts

Zona is a versatile family of bold fonts with a heavy geometric design. It’s one of those families you can do great things with just by mixing up the different weights and styles included.



Headline fonts

This chunky sans serif calls on some subtle curves to deviate from expectations and check out those slits on the lowercase “a” and “e”.



Headline fonts

Steena calls itself a “condensed geometric typeface” with a mix of retro and contemporary inspiration.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.44.50

Sequel is a rounded sans serif font that manages to keep a soft edge, no matter how bold you go.


League Gothic

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.45.10

League Gothic is a cracking headline font that brings back a classic font into the new age. Completely free, too.



Headline fonts

Pontiac is a classy font that proves subtly can speak volumes – “geometric but human,” according to the team at LaGoupilParis.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.45.24

Modulus is about as rounded as you could expect from a sans, but those modern curves make it work. It’s a great font for headlines and feature images alike.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.45.36

Raleway still looks great six years on from the day it was first released. Pure class.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.45.59

Code was born for headlines and the double weighting of light and bold couldn’t work better together.


Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.46.06


Lemon Butter

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.58.56

Lemon Butter claims to be “an intentionally imperfect display font” and it works a treat for some niche industries like food and travel.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.46.27

Visby is a carefully crafted geometric typeface, now in its third version. Every detail has been scrutinised to create a sleek, finely balanced font.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.46.40

Nexa is similar to the Code font we looked at earlier but it comes with a little extra impact and a few unique details. Check out that curve on the lowercase “g”.



robinson gr

Robinson is a diverse display font inspired by the days of print newspapers and magazines (remember those?).




Lovelo is another dynamic font with that double line style in white working perfectly with coloured backgrounds.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 05.47.25

I’m not usually a fan of fonts that take the shadow approach but Airbag really pulls it off. Another freebie, too.



Intro is a wickedly bold geometric font and it’s really hard to take your eyes off. There are some unique details in there, too, like the curve on the “k” and the tail on its “q”. Either way, it’s a true font lover’s font.



Headline fonts

Bariol gets the soft, rounded sans serif design spot on – and that’s not easy to do. It’s a fun font that still demands to be taken seriously. Great stuff.


Okay, so that should give you a nice variety of fonts to put the mojo back in your headlines. After all, web design trends come and go but a knack for using the right fonts will always make your projects stand out.