First-Time Website Owners & Website Tools

In the world, every day and every month, so many numerous new websites are launched. There’s a fervent activity around websites: creation, upgrading systems and tools, improvement works…

As you can see, it’s very important to stay always tuned when it comes about website management. Actually, having a website doesn’t mean to simply create it and launch it in the web. But it means to take care of it, to study always new ways to improve it and to attract new customers / visitors to your way.

After all, the goal of each single website is to attract visitors, who might be your next customers, buyers, partners and so on.

Tools You Should Think To Add Your Website

Since your website is the top most important tool you can use to reach people and to allow people to reach you, it’s important to offer your visitors a couple tools to get in touch to you or to your company.

Consider that you have some choice on this point: you can decide to offer visitors an email address. Or you can include also a more flexible and easier way to get in touch: a telephone number.

In fact, most customers still prefer to use a direct mean to get in touch and phone numbers are the world’s top most important tools.

How You Can Keep Track Of Customers’ Calls?

First off, if you are running a reasonable large company, it’s worth for you to create a call center. A couple employees or even more according to how large your company is might really make a difference.

Each single call that come to your call center can be tracked by a specific Addsource tool: the call tracking system and the Cloud Call Center service.

Basically, you have to buy phone numbers (toll-free numbers or local numbers at your choice) and link them to your company. Use each phone number you bought for each of your advertising campaigns. The software system of the cloud call center will do all the job for you and you’ll be able to view the customers’ call details.

What Does A Cloud Call Center System Do?

Basically, a cloud call center system works on the basis of different steps.

1) Storage room – the cloud call center system provides you with unlimited storage room for your inbound calls.

2) Easy Customization – the cloud call center system allows you to easily customize your set-up call rules and monitoring tools. Addsource does also offer a selection of top important services, such as call tracking and virtual numbers.

4) Performance & Best Productivity – the cloud call center system helps you achieve a better performance in your business, with proven improvement of your productivity levels.

5) Take The Control – using the cloud call center system by Addsource you can get in control and follow the daily activity of your employees at the call center and receive data and statistics about calls and callers.

6) Learn More About Customers – a call center system allows you to learn more about your customers’ opinions and expectations about your products, so that you can improve your business and focus more on what matters for customers.

7) Ads Campaigns – the Addsource cloud call center system allows you to see which ads campaign is performing better, so you can reorganize the other campaigns.