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business card inspiration: business card inspiration
Refocus your creative energy to design the best business card for you. Read the top 10 best trends to get your fix of business card inspiration so your business can make a lasting impression on potential clients and other contacts. Focus on your branding to create original, legible designs.

10 Best Trends To Inspire Your Business Card Creation

Need some business card inspiration to help you stand out at your next networking event? We have compiled a list of business card trends that are our favorites to help you become inspired.

Why Is Your Business Card Design So Important?

In business, first impressions carry a lot of weight. This is why every business person focuses on practicing their elevator speech and ensures they have enough business cards to last them through an apocalypse. Time is precious, and you only have a small moment in a busy day to make a lasting impression that will have strangers call you for a second meet.

This is why your business card inspiration is so vital. You can create countless designs using predesigned templates like the majority of business people, but how is that going to make you stand out? Unless you have a killer elevator speech, you may not be memorable enough for the contact to pick your card out of his or her wallet and remember exactly who you are.

Your business is more than work to you – it is your passion. The most important requirement for designing the best business card is to pour your passion into it so that the card reflects that. To get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled a list of the top 10 trending business card inspiration to inspire your creative process. Seeing how others have manipulated a small piece of paper into a memorable statement will help you see how to make your business shine.

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How We Chose Our Favorite Design Elements

The key with creating your business card is to reflect your unique business and personality. Similar to your parents telling you just to be yourself when you were trying to make friends on the playground, this ideal holds when designing your business card. The best business cards communicate the brand in new and exciting ways. Your business card is an extension of you, and you are more than a name and phone number. Originality and emotion tend to play a huge role in lasting impressions.

We chose our top 10 favorite design elements based on originality, legibility and how the design made us feel. This may seem rather subjective, and it can be. Hopefully, once you delve into our list of favorites, you will understand what we mean. A business card is seemingly the most boring piece of creative material you can focus your energy on. Sometimes, we just need a little business card inspiration to improve it. If that little scrap of stock can make you laugh or wow you in fascination, that business card has achieved the goal of making the owner stand out from the sea of suits.

Top 10 Best Design Trends for Business Card Inspiration

Clean and Professional

This may seem like a boring way to become inspired, but the word professional has more meaning than boring whites and grays. Professional implies qualities such as attention to detail, straightforward and uncluttered. While a little extra flair can produce amazing results for other business people, that may not fit your style. If you are a more reserved professional, you may want to try implementing the business card inspiration we mentioned in the design of your card.

Use whitespace and provide the vital information in an organized text while adding smaller design elements for a subtle splash of color or texture. For example, you can have a monochromatic card with black text, but have the card’s edges in a bright color that matches your company’s logo. You could also have a simple line going across the card to separate the text — nothing fancy, so that the card remains clean and straightforward in the presentation of your contact details and title.

Bold Type Face

Bold typeface takes your clean and professional business card to the next level. Have one side of your card list one word – perhaps your first name, or if your business has only one word in its name or a keyword you would like your audience to focus in on. Splashing that buzzword across the front of your card is aesthetically attention grabbing and will make a more lasting impression than if you crammed all of the information onto one side of the card. Use both sides with the front dedicated to your keyword and the back dedicated to the details.

Transparency Paper

Transparency paper is a bit more adventurous than a bold typeface, and it can be a risk to step out of your comfort zone of nice plain stock cards, but you know that means there is only more reward waiting for you on the other side of that printing. Transparency paper can be a cool effect on the senses to break up the monotony of continuously shaking hands and being drilled with elevator speeches. Adding colors to the transparent paper can bring more depth to this design element as well.

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Your information is still visible in this option, but the visual enticement of the transparent paper as well as the texture will make your contact sit up and take notice. It will make prospects go back to look at it after the event or meeting is over to inspect it and handle it, and while they are handling your card and looking at the light through it, they will start to read it again.

Focus On Your Branding

This should always be a driving force in any creative project, not just in creating a business card. However, you can take extra steps in your card design to further emulate your company’s brand. Go beyond the logo color of the company; imitate the font and maybe include the logo in a unique way. Use a rubber stamp, or use a press to stamp the logo into the thick paper to leave a depression in the card that will appeal to the contact’s tactile senses. Let your company’s culture and your personal guide you with how far to run with this.

Clever Puns and Symbols 

Stimulating your contacts visually and with tactile elements can be a great business card inspiration. Puns can sometimes be cheesy, but like dad jokes they always make people laugh. Focus on your brand and see if you can think of silly ways to communicate your brand or your services. For example, a more adventurous business card says, “I will shoot you!” in large typeface across the front. It is startling, and your reader will be slightly alarmed, but just below that text it says, “It’s OK, I’m a photographer.”

The play on words loosens readers up and makes them laugh or shake their heads. The bold statement makes contact sit up and take notice in a way simply having your name listed does not. It is perfectly acceptable to laugh in the business world. Why not make your business card lighten the conversation and bring both parties down to a more human level?

Interactive, Fun and Informal 

Puns are fun, but what is even more fun is an interactive business card you get to fold and unfold in an unraveling pseudo-origami adventure. If you have more information to communicate and want more than simply the front and back of a card, this could be a great option for you. You can add more graphics and interactive qualities so that the contact has to unfold the card to see more.

A fantastic business card inspiration is a yogi creating a business card in a malleable material so that it can roll up and be tied. When the contact is ready to read the information, he or she unties the string and unrolls the card like a yoga mat. So fun, and it makes the user interaction on a new level, so it grabs attention more fully than simply shuffling through a stack of cards from an event.


If your business’s branding and your style lean more toward the first option of clean and professional, a minimalist look may be perfect for you. Keep the wording short and simple, and only include the bare minimum of details. Include your minimalist logo by punching out the design, or raise the typeface of the keyword or buzzword so it juts off the paper and the contact can run a finger over it. Keep the colors extremely simple and sparse, and let the keyword and logo speak for themselves.

Sometimes the answer to standing out is not in adding more color, more information or more shapes. Standing apart from the crowd of business people can be as simple as dialing the design way down. A minimalist look can have a calming effect that makes the reader relax and slow down to appreciate the simplicity. Contacts will slow down to read your card because of it.


Simple enough, but changing the orientation of your business card can give you more freedom as far as the printed design elements. Perhaps your logo or branding design is intended to be longer rather than wider. By rotating everything to a vertical card, or even by rotating to a diamond shape, you can force your reader to take an extra step to view your information so that they spend more time looking at your memorable card than the other 50 in the stack.

Use Different Materials

You do not have to use stock paper for your business card. Some exciting uses of other materials can give your card a dual purpose. For example, a wonderful business card inspiration is a metal card that has been transformed into a card-sized cheese grater.

This may be a bit extreme for some, but if you are a passionate personal chef, a cheese grater business card could be a cool investment. Since it has a function beyond sharing your phone and email on a piece of paper that sits in a wallet, this type of business card will be used in other ways, so it is more frequently in view.

Get Creative With the Card Shape

You do not have to have a rectangular card. That is not a requirement to be a truly professional business person. If you own a shipping company, play with the idea of using a square that can expand and fold into a cube that looks like a package. It is fun and interactive and takes on a new shape moving from two dimensional to three dimensional.

Shape your card into a diamond and change the orientation of the text. If you are a small-business owner who has a craft brewery or you own a local pub, combine a few of these design trends to create a coaster out of the business card by using a thicker material and making the card shaped like a circle.

Buyer’s Guide for Creating Your Own Business Card

Knowing your business is the key to harnessing all of these ten different business card inspiration. Just as we focused on originality, legibility and how the card makes the reader feel, focus on these elements while creating your business card. Ask yourself how you or your business is unique and how you want your readers to feel when they look at your card. As you design your business card, be sure that the design elements do not overwhelm the card and that your text remains legible and still draws the eye. You want your contacts to be able to call you, after all.

With so many options on websites that are specifically geared toward designing business cards using templates, it can be overwhelming. You want your first impression to be a solid contact, but even more, you want to differentiate yourself from other businesses in your niche. Using any or a combination of a few of our favorite design trends to help guide your designs, you can create a business card that best fits you and your business while helping you remain unique and memorable. Hopefully, this list of business card design trends has helped you imagine new ways to represent your business through a small card.

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