15 Best WordPress Review Themes 2013

There are now plenty of good wordPress review themes allowing users to easily create a review or ratings website for various niches including physical products, movies, books, online games or business reviews. The ratings can be submitted by customers themselves or you could employ professional writers to critique your site’s topic of concern. Valuable and informative reviews can increase user engagement and build trust, making it easier to encourage customers to decide to try out your products.

Here is a collection of 15 of the best premium wordPress review themes. Some are entirely focused on ratings and review


sahifa WordPress Review Theme

Sahifa is clean and responsive wordpress template, and designed for magazine, news and blog websites. It’s ideal for review sites with multiple categories and products. At one glance, readers will be able to see your top products, recent posts, and a summary of each product or service review. The theme has a built-in review system that makes it easier to add reviews, ratings, stars and points.


powermag WordPress Review Theme

The Powermag wodpress theme is loaded with useful and interesting features, including optional sticky navigation so users won’t have to scroll up to return to the navigation menu and a single post layout for users who work with small images. The review system provides up to six custom criteria and has an affiliate link option. If you want lots of bells and whistles, this is the review theme for you.


view:r WordPress Review Theme

Specifically created for review sites, View:r has a review system with the added option of letting only logged-in users leave a rating. There’s also a CAPTCHA option for the rating forms, and you can use both visitor and author ratings simultaneously. With the layout, you can also build a simple catalogue, content section, YouTube section, and more.


travelous WordPress Review Theme

If you have a travel website with a review section for services like hotels and restaurants, look no further. While the Travelous wordpress theme is designed mainly as a travel theme, its special features focus on reviews. There’s a stories and reviews section for sharing users’ personal experience as well as Google Maps integration. A review slider allows viewing of reviews on a large slider and the theme lets you choose which reviews should be shown on the homepage. Plus, there’s an image gallery for travel pictures.


magazinly WordPress Review Theme

Magazinly wordpress theme was built with magazine, article and review sites in mind. A review system come as a built-in feature, and items can be rated by stars, percent or points. One notable feature is the theme’s speed – pages load fast, which should come in handy for review sites with a vast range of products.


smartreviewer WordPress Review Theme

A clean, fully responsive and flexible WordPress theme, SmartReviewer is meant to be a theme for product reviews. Adding products and affiliate links into the many categories is easy, and you can either set ratings with a review or let users leave comments and ratings. You’re free to create labels for specific products, such as your top sellers or on-sale items. This theme is a winner in terms of ease of use. However, there are only two skins while other themes have dozens of color schemes to choose from.


score WordPress Review Theme

Score wordpress theme is perfect for rating any type of content. Like ReviewIt, it’s built with the GD Star Rating plugin. User comments can be voted up or down, users and post authors can both rate posts, users have multiple options for rating posts, and reviews can be sorted several different ways. The theme also lets users follow posts and reviews. Layout-wise, Score looks nice, clean and easy on the eyes.


puzzles WordPress Review Theme

Puzzles will make your review site stand out from the competition. It offers eight possible display patterns, a stylish slider with a bevy of settings, and post previews can be viewed in a sleek grid format. Each content post can be transformed into a review, and you can display both or either author and user ratings.


bulletpress WordPress Review Theme

A unique thing about BulletPress’ review system is that you can give final mark to posts, such as labeling a 4.35 with Very Good, for instance. The theme is flexible; it’s great for review, retail, news and magazine websites. It includes more than $40 worth of plugins, that’s a great offer considering the theme costs $49. BulletPress looks pretty; if you choose this theme, your site will look beautiful.


reviewit WordPress Review Theme

Solid review and community features are the main selling points of the ReviewIt template. Incorporated with the review system is the GD Star Rating plugin so that users can rate posts through the comments and/or the top of the review, and both the author and users can rate posts. You can also thumbs up/down user comments. When it comes to layout, ReviewIt looks modern and clean.


adams WordPress Review Theme

Another theme for magazine, blog and news websites, Adams has a notable review system. Products can be rated by stars, show up with a star rating in search engine results pages, and can have up to 10 review criteria. Adams looks modern and stylish, and can give your site a fun and exciting feel.


flavor WordPress Review Theme

An advanced magazine/review theme, Flavor will make your website look professional and stylish. You can add awards and badges to specific posts, you can post both user and editor ratings, and each post can show “Like” and view counts. Ratings can appear as stars, numbers, percent or letter grades. Plus, you can allow users/visitors to rate each criteria of whatever product or service you review. This theme gives a lot of value for its price.


volcano WordPress Review Theme

This theme is impressively customizable. It’s a blog/magazine/news theme with an easy-to-use reviews function and three types of comment systems (standard, Disqus and Facebook). Blog posts can be in gallery, video, image, audio or standard format. Volcano will make your site appear “busy” if you review products and services from various categories.


inreview WordPress Review Theme

InReview is an advanced wordpress theme made especially for reviews. Your reviews will look professional, organized and clean. Custom options make it easy to add ratings, and you can show author ratings or user comments or both. An added bonus is that you can include affiliate widgets that can help with conversions.


reviews WordPress Review Theme

This theme is great for all kinds of reviews, including tech, video game and movie reviews. It will make your site appear sleek and uncluttered. You can provide your own ratings and get user feedback as well. Reviews will be separate from your regular posts and they come with a language file for easy translation. The theme also allows bulk upload of reviews, so it’s easy to transfer posts if you have reviews elsewhere.