Best Shopify Themes For Fashion & Clothing

Shopify Themes for Fashion

Fashion is big business and there has been nothing short of a revolution industry over the last few years due to the growth of online retailing and apps. There are many examples of small clothes shops growing into multi million dollar businesses in a couple of years with the help of a slick website and savvy online marketing.

In order to succeed and make money in the competitive online retail industry you must have a site design that showcases the products effectively and allows users to navigate the store easily and intuitively. Shopify allows you to have all the functionality to showcase products, manage customers, deal with payments and arrange shipping.  There are also many great shopify themes that are designed for fashion related sites that allow you to get a very professional looking website online very quickly and we have listed some of the best ones below.


ActiveWear Shopify Theme Themeforest

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 ActiveWear is one of those all-around Shopify themes that can do anything and everything. It’s suitable for clothes, lingerie, shoes, accessories, basically anything the fashion world has to offer. It has the capabilities to showcase large product catalogues too and comes with features such as: responsive design, responsive dropdown menu, great slideshow module, featured products, fluid grid system, featured categories, fly to shop, Quickshop and zoom.


Austin Shopify Theme Outofthesandbox

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It won “Best in Ecommerce Design” at the Shopify Design Awards. So yeah, Austin is pretty amazing. It was built with boutique fashion stores in mind, with the design looking to make the most out of a small product catalogue. It’s modern, sleek and elegant. A high-quality theme for high-quality products. It comes with responsive design, SEO support, highly customizable options and an alternate style, Montreal.

Carleton Modern

Carleton Shopify Theme Shopify

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Carleton Modern is, well, modern. It’s a theme with a clean and organized layout that doesn’t scream for attention nor shy away from it. It has the perfect balance of design elements to showcase perfectly your clothes and apparel. Other features are: Twitter integration, blog, share widget, front page slideshow and an alternate style, Carleton.

Diverse Radical

Diverse Shopify Theme Shopify

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Diverse Radical’s hip and radical (no pun intended) design is the perfect match for the trendy shirt business of pop culture-loving graphic designers. With its bold layout and colours, this responsive theme is something that truly stands out from the crowd – like a true rebel! It comes with features like tabbed content areas, Textur-ify, product image cropping and Flexslider. It comes with 3 other styles, Diverse Sprinkle, Diverse Gorgeous and Diverse.

Expression Naturale

Expression Naturale Shopify Theme Shopify 

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A fun and quirky responsive theme that’s more “human” than tech with its feminine and handwritten design elements. Expression Naturale is easy to customize with its wide range of features like homepage sliders, promotion highlights, social network sharing, alternate product and related product promotion functions. It comes with 3 other beautiful styles, including the boyish version of this theme, Expression Ocean.


Fashinopolism Shopify Theme Shopify

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Fashionopolism is one of Shopify’s best-selling fixed width templates, and we can see why. The layout is simple but gorgeous; it’s like a magazine spread that will instantly grab the attention of your visitors. The shopping experience is a simple one, thanks to its clean navigation. Other features include: responsive design, slideshow, static, or homepage video, 2 collection templates, 2nd image displayed on hover for the collection pages, image with hover to zoom + click to enlarge for product pages.

Flex Gene

Flex Gene Shopify Theme Shopify

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If you like your website to be spick and span, go ahead and take a look at Flex Gene. It’s a clean and crisp Shopify theme with a flat design. Your visitors’ eyes won’t tire out easily while browsing! It comes with features like: responsive design, homepage slideshow options, navigation options, newsletter form, SEO optimization, social links and much more. And it has 3 other equally clean and fresh styles that you can choose from.


High Fashion Shopify Theme Themeforest

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Fashion store owners who love a little flair and pizazz to their online shop will be delighted when they find out about HighFashion. It’s a responsive Shopify theme that maximizes visuals and user-engagement with the power of parallax scrolling. With HighFashion, your store will be distinctive, to say the least. Some of its features include: blog, slideshow module, product image effect, featured collections, featured product, quickshop and fly to cart.


Instyle Shopify Theme Themeforest

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A Shopify theme that’s made specifically for those, ehem, intimate moments. Instyle is for lingerie/underwear/sleep wear stores. Of course, it has that girly and sexy look that characterizes most nightwear shops. It has Zoom and Lightbox effect so visitors can see the angles and textures of the products. Some noteworthy features are: Pinterest-style layout, responsive design, perfect colour combination, blog, dropdown menu and more.


Pandora Shopify Theme Themeforest

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Pandora is a highly-rated Shopify theme that is both powerful and flexible. It has features that outshine other Shopify themes in the market; features like Quick-shop lightbox window, styled billing forms, responsive design, amazing full-width product slider and automatic image resizing system. It looks great on fashion products, but will also suit other categories like computer hardware and furniture, etc.


Paris Shopify Theme Shopify

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The cleanest and most minimalist on this list, Paris is a Shopify theme that’s meant to bring out the beautiful details in your products. It’s back to basics with this one; having ample spacing and fine lines and typography. It’s perfect for products that have intricate and fine details, like watches, handcrafted bags and shoes, and the like. It also comes in 3 other styles: London, New York, and San Francisco.

Salt Yard

Salt Yard Shopify Theme Shopify

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Salt Yard is part of the clean and fresh-looking Symmetry theme suite, composed of Beatnik, Chantilly, Duke, and yours truly. Salt Yard is easy on the eyes and easier to navigate with its organized layout. It comes with features such as: a full width slideshow, 3 homepage scrolling collection rows, grid & stream views on collection pages, live search and responsive design.


Serenity Shopify Theme Themeforest

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Serenity is a brand new Shopify theme fresh from the designers’ drawing board. It’s minimal and clean with its basic layout, making it a good contrast to the fine details of textures and patterns. It also makes the colours of your clothes become more vibrant and appealing. It’s a good fit for small shops and boutiques. It has features like: responsive design, advanced typography options, 2 preset themes (light and dark) and wide and boxed layout options.

Spring Season

Spring Season Shopify Theme Shopify

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There’s no better way to showcase your jewelry collection online than to make it the glitzy and glamorous centre of attention. Spring Seasons does just exactly that by having a simple but eye-catching full screen slideshow as a homepage. Let your diamonds shine with this one! It also comes in 2 other styles, Fall Chocolates and Winter Season, great for tasty desserts and bath products, respectively.

Vantage Black

Vantage Black Shopify Theme Shopify

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A theme with strong and modern features that suits fashion stores catering to men. Vantage Black, and the other 3 styles that accompany it, have this professional and very distinguished look about them that makes it so appealing. It’s also customizable with excellent features like flexible navigation options, collection page sorting, responsive design, product displays, innovative magazine-style blog layout, and more. It’s the Shopify theme for real men.