Best Shopify Apps for Startups and Growing Businesses

The decision to start an online business might have been a challenge for you, but we are guessing that you are enjoying the experience! Now that you have chosen Shopify for your e-commerce goals, check out this list of Shopify apps that you can use to help your startups grow rapidly:


shopify-business-apps-mailchimp startups

Some owners of startup businesses may feel hesitant to go for Shopify apps that require payment. With MailChimp, your Shopify store will be connected to your MailChimp account for free.

This app saves you the hassle of creating a separate email for your online business, and this allows you to easily connect with your customers as your MailChimp account gives you the power to send out information to your customers.

The app has automated tools that allow you to send product recommendations to each of your customers based on their purchase history. This makes it easier for you to filter out which products to offer to them!

The app also gives you a review of your Return of Investment (ROI), so that you may find ways to get better in advertising your online store.

Better Coupon Box

shopify-business-apps-better-coupon-box startups

With this app, your store has better likelihood of being recognized by your target audience, through customized pop-ups accessible through just about any kind of device. The best thing about this app is that you can customize the look of the pop-ups you wish to use, and add coupon codes for new customers so that they can buy your products with discounts right away!

Aside from the option of creating an email list, Better Coupon Box also invites your visitors and customers to follow your store’s accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The interface of this app is so easy to use that you do not have to be too techy-savvy to configure and customize it to your liking.


shopify-business-apps-addshoppers startups

Used by popular online store brands such as Everlast and Hanes, Apps by AddShoppers has been true to its commitment to make the Shopify experience an incredible journey for any e-commerce site owner.

This app has a feature that allows you to review your transaction history easily for you to know if your ROI is in good shape. Customer reviews are also encouraged through its AddSocial feature, wherein your customers may post their purchase experience with your store.

Many online stores thrive because of the incentives they give to people who make referrals. With this app, you may give rewards to your loyal customers who refer their friends to your store, either through point system or discounts.



The highlight of every online store is that you can help make the purchase experience seamless and smooth, from product search to checkout. As an online store owner, you should make it easy for your customers to transact with your e-commerce store – from product selections to the actual delivery of items to their locations.

This app allows you to monitor and track the location of the products to be delivered. It also sends customer email notifications so that your customers will be saved from the hassle of asking for updates regarding their purchased items.

Pre Order Manager


One of the greatest challenges that Shopify store owners encounter is product inventory monitoring. If you are a one-man team in your online store, Pre Order Manager will save you from the hassle of replying to your customers regarding the product details of the items that have to restocked.

By using this app, your customers will be given information about pre-ordering a certain product, and determining when they can get the items that they want to purchase. You have the freedom to turn the pre-order on or off, depending on the availability of the product you’re selling.

Pre Order Manager is designed to prevent you from worrying about losing the chance to sell your products just because they are out of stock as of the moment.

Tidio Live Chat


What more can you ask for from an app that lets you communicate with your customers in real time? With Tidio Live Chat, you can turn an ordinary online seller to a reliable virtual supplier who can cater to your customers’ needs.

With this app, potential buyers and interested individuals can directly contact you regarding product descriptions, shipping details, and market referrals.You do not have to worry about the language you are going to use, because this app has a multi-language support that translates the chat to the language used by your customers.



As a business owner and manager, financial reports are vital to make you better understand how well your products are selling and how markets respond to the techniques you are using. With QuickBooks, you may easily sync purchases, payments, refunds and other transactions from your Shopify account to QuickBooks.

This app also promises to deliver a comprehensive and up-to-date report per item purchased so that you can easily monitor shipment details, order information, and the amount you earn per item sold. In just a few clicks, this app saves you the hassle of producing financial reports.



Fablet is a Shopify app that offers a point, click, swipe interface, and an incredibly reliable support team to help you find your way at any moment. This offers a quick conversion of product prices in the currency your customers are using. What is good about Fablet is that you can use it is for age-restricted merchandise, which will automatically filter out buyers whose ages are not suitable for the products you’re selling.


shopify-business-apps-compass startups

Online store owners will definitely benefit from comprehensive reports about their businesses. With the Compass app, you are effectively setting your company’s sights onto a bigger future.

Compass is designed to work on any business size, and carries powerful features such as enterprise-grade analytics, insights on your industry or niche, and recommendations from top consulting agencies. All of the important data are displayed on a user-friendly dashboard interface, which you can set up in about a minute even without programming skills.


We hope these apps will help you create a better Shopify experience for you and your customers. It’s about time to explore and discover how these Shopify apps can bring your online business to greater heights.