15 Beautiful Landing Page Templates Created With Bootstrap

Before we start the list I think it is worthwhile to clearly define the two terms mentioned in the title of this article: Landing Pages and Twitter Bootstrap.

Landing Pages

For the purposes of this article, we are defining a landing page as the potent web design focused exclusively on marketing a product or a service. It is also sometimes known as lead capture page or squeeze page when the purpose is to get a lead (i.e. contact details) rather than a sale. The main use of every landing page is to persuade visitors into performing a particular action like subscribing to a newsletter before downloading an eBook, viewing a product demo, register for some services or buying a product.

Basically, one creates a landing page to maximize conversions – i.e. getting the largest percentage of visitor to do something you want them to do. The design of a good landing page is as much a science as it is an art. The psychology of persuasion needs to be translated into an effective web design and continuously split tested to add incremental improvements.  The advantage of using a landing page template is that most of this work has been done for you.

Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter’s Bootstrap is a CSS and HTML front end responsive framework with a set of user interface elements, layouts and tools that designers use as a starting template for their design projects. It was introduced to the world at 2011 by Twitter employees Mark Otto and Jacob Thornon to empower front-end developers to “kickstart their projects more efficiently and effectively.” Bootstrap runs in an easy-to-use 12 coloumn grid layout and uses typography, navigations, tables, forms, buttons and more. It also provides you with a set of JQuery plugins used mainly for menus, tables, modal boxes, alert messages and a lot more.

Before we proceed onto the list of the best Landing Page Templates created using Twitter Bootstrap it is worth mentioning that you may also be interested in reading our lists of the the best mobile app landing page templates and the best wordpress landing pages. Ok, so below is the list of landing pages created in using the Bootstrap framework (all are HTML based apart from one which is WordPress).



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Speeky is a clean and professional-looking WordPress landing page built in Bootstrap. You can highly customize the elements in this template without sacrificing the professional-look and cleanliness of everything. I also comes with three pre-built layouts that will surely meet your needs: (1) Ebook Version with 3d Ebook mockup, (2) App version (3) Product version with video options.


landing-pages-created-in-bootsrap-wazzup Demo More Info

Wazzup is a lightweight Bootstrap Responsvie Landing Page template making sure that your landing page will smoothly flow and load. It comes with three layouts, all Google Web Fonts-ready and contains more than 15 of the structural elements plus two header layouts (black and white) and three promo layouts for video, sliders, and images.

Flats & Scroll - One Page Bootstrap Template

Flat and  Scroll 2 Theme

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Wisdom is most suitable for Portfolio, Business and Freelancer websites. It has 9 color themes that all animated using CSS3. It is also Retina-ready allowing the 350 icons available to look great on retina ready mobile devices.



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Effective comes with three different color schemes that you can tinker and customize. Built using Twitter Bootstrap, you will get the idea that this template is responsive in any device. Aside from that, browsing through its lines of code, you will see that Effective is written as clean as it looks.

Flatty (Free)


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Flatty is a free bootstrap template mainly built for promoting apps or product launches. The first thing you’ll notice about this template is that it is fresh-looking, clean and uses a flat design.

Flat Landing Image


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Flat Landing Page is a creative-looking flat-design inspired Landing page template. It comes with a responsive layout and used modern flat styles and colors. Aside from that, it showcases a slider feature where you can put your product details so that the viewer can easily read them.



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If you’re into one-page landing pages, Fantasico is great for you. It comes with three custom layout options, all responsive and uses the 1200 grid system. It also has a Nivo slider that will add flare and art in your website.



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For app developers who want a landing page, Launchpad will surely boost your sales. It is fit for apps and games. It also comes with 12 variations, each different from the other; four devices, fully editable backgrounds and more features that will surely tickle your creative muscles.



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Perfect for promoting symposiums, conventions, webinars and the like, Flatposium is part of this list. With all its features and universalities, this template is truly a cool one.



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Appland is another Bootstrap Landing Page. It comes with parallax scrolling effects and could fit in the screen of any device. Looking at the template, you will notice that it is easy to modify because you can choose which colors to use and which of the five sections to add (Main Splash, Features, Screenshots, Testimonials and Contact Form) .




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Mindlight is another bootstrap-powered template made for proposals. It contains all the necessary elements needed to give the potential client a detailed understanding about the product or service. Like all the other landing page templates, this one’s fully customizable.



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Reboot is a Landing Page template built in Bootstrap 2.0.2. Because of that, you are assured that it is fully responsive. Aside from that the template allows you to create custom page layouts, pricing tables, and FAQ with search. It is also jQuery ready.



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Start is a one-page responsive landing page template that will give a fresh look into your page. With its full responsive flat-looking web design, you are assured that it will go with what’s trending right now. Also, it includes seven sections: the Jumbotron, call to action, features, portfolio, blog, contact and clients that you will surely love.



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Elite is a clean-looking landing page template that is built with Twitter Bootstrap. It comes with a Lightbox image view together with Font-Awesome icons and a working subscription form. With Elite, you can choose to opt with a simple slider or maybe a video advertisement to put in the layout. Either way, Elite can surely adapt.



Demo More Info

Showcase is yet another simple way to showcase your work. Created using HTML5 and CSS3, this template sure goes with the trend as it can fit into any device’s screen. Its features include a full screen big video, full page snap scrolling, flexible animations, GoogleFont support and many more.