Best Online Responsive Tests To Ensure A Mobile-Friendly Website

An ideal mobile-friendly webpage needs to have its content easily viewable across different platforms such as tablets and smartphones. It should be able to utilize the basic features of mobile devices to deliver an effective user experience (UX).


responsive tests


One of the best and easiest ways to create a mobile-ready website is to follow responsive design. In order to achieve this, your website must be able to display the following features on smaller screens:

  • Readable text
  • Adequate space
  • No horizontal scrolling

When developing content management systems (CMS), it is important that your website can be viewed and accessed on all kinds of screens. As soon as you’ve implemented responsive or adaptive design on your website, the next logical step is to test your website whether it looks good on mobile screens.

We have rounded up and narrowed down some of the best online responsive tests that you can use to make sure your website looks amazing on practically any screen size:

Google Developers Mobile-Friendly Test

This responsive test by Google features a mobile-ready test with results generated in just a few minutes. The online tool offers mobile usability report from Google Webmaster Tools. The report highlights major usability issues so that you can adjust your website to improve its mobile readability.

DesignModo Responsive Test

The DesignModo Responsive Test is extremely helpful when you want to debug responsive breakpoints and check the user friendliness of your website. What we love about this responsive test is that you can enter your own pixel size or select from their list of devices.


ResponsiveTest is an open source tool to view your web page in different display sizes. It features a drag-and-drop tool to make sure that the web design fits different mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Dell, and Samsung.

StudioPress Mobile Responsive Design Test

StudioPress is an online mobile responsive design test that allows you to see your web design and website in different displays. You can also choose to test according to the device size by width. What we love about StudioPress is that you can check your web design in several screen sizes without the hassle of having to scroll down.


Screenfly is another mobile responsive test that checks your web design freely by putting the URL on the search field. It is a good option to test your work in a variety of devices. To use this tool, just toggle to change the orientation.

Media Genesis Responsive Design Checker

This responsive design test tool allows you to quickly see how your website looks on different screen sizes. The best thing about Responsive Design Checker is that it shows you how your images and visual elements respond to different sizes and display settings.


There are many tools that you can utilize to make sure that your web design will work on any display settings and screen size. The best tool you need to choose is a responsive design test tool that is easy to use and can cater to your prospective design for your website. Play around with all of the tools before choosing what works best for you.

What’s your favorite responsive design testing tool? Share it with us!