25 Best Minimal Shopify Themes

Setting up an online store takes a lot of work and but by using a redesigned Shopify theme you can save yourself a ton of time, money and hassle. It is crucial that you get the design, navigation, search functionality, customer management, shipping and payment integration right if you want to maximise your revenues when selling online.  Shopify has years of design and coding experience within the ecommerce niche so rather than pay a web designer to code a new site from scratch you should check out these designs. They have all been chosen for their minimal and clean styles. We also have a longer list of 70 great shopify themes here which vary in style.

If you are still not sure about using Shopify for your online store you may also want to check out Shopify’s biggest competitor Magento or using WordPress with WooCommerce.




Open Sesame is a versatile theme for startups and manufacturers . With plenty of whitespace, grid layouts and full-width backgrounds, everything is in place for minimal content and letting your products do the talking for themselves. A single-page design gives you space to tell your story without users having to navigate through half your site. They can browse the key features of your product(s) and buy right from the homepage.

While you can sell multiple products using this theme, it’s better suited if you have one feature product at any given time. Think Apple’s emphasis on its latest release, where the newest iPhone or iPad is the headline product.

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Showcase packs four styles into one theme (you can see “Betty” above), taking a full-screen homepage approach to showcase new arrivals. The idea is to create a landing page style introduction for stocks that are constantly updating.

As you can see, Showcase leans toward fashion retailers who need to introdcue the latest season’s wears every few months, but you’re not limited to selling clothes by any means.

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Symmetry also gives you four styles to get started with – all of which are geared towards independent retailers and manufacturers. This one is better suited to stylish, custom-made items. You can see men’s sunglasses featured in the “Beatnik” style above, while the “Duke” preset features an independent skateboard manufacturer – which gives you an idea of the range of products this theme can cater for.

Rather than putting the focus on one product, this is more suitable for wider product ranges wth multiple categories, styles, sizes, etc.

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Pipeline calls itself “a clean, minimal theme” and you can see it knows how to sell itself. After the hero space introduction, grid layouts for product ranges float above full-screen, parallax backgrounds as users scroll their way down. There’s also space for explainer videos, a blog feed and an Instagram section to showcase the best of your social content.

You get three styles to start with and bundles of customization included. This is a great choice for stylish retailers who take content marketing seriously and need an independent place to build their name and sell products.

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Classic is one of the free offerings from the Shopify library and, although it doesn’t match the flair of some paid options, it’s a good place to start for small retailers getting set up online for the first time.

Three style presets feature electronics/computing accessories, footware and watches – all of which make good use of the same layout, thanks to some smart color choices.

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Lorenza is pure minimalism for small fashion retailers with three starter styles for you to choose from. The “Urban” style we’ve featured above is by far the most interesting with a split-screen design and some interesting scrolling effects.

It’s a great option for small product ranges but there’s also a dedicated product feed for larger stocks, making this a versatile choice – especially if you plan to increase your product range over time.

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Lookbook takes a unique approach to showcasing your products with horizontal scrolling for larger displays. This switches to the more conventional, vertical scroll for mobile and narrow displays.

That’s all there is to the homepage design for Lookbook, meaning you don’t get the single-page scrolling trend that’s become so common in modern web design. So this is the theme for you, if you want your products to take centre stage, and forget about filling your homepage with text and feeds from other parts of your site.

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Label is thoroughly designed for the independent labels out there; whether fashion, music, publishing or whatever else is your game. There’s a strong urban feel to the theme, but the “Publish” style we’ve linked to shows it has plenty of versatility packed under the hood.

As with most Shopify themes, Label comes with everything you need to sell retail products but it also shows its flair for selling digital media. Records and eBooks are the two content formats highlighted in the default styles, but you’re well supported for all types of media.

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As the name suggests, Parallax aims to grab people’s attention with immersive scrolling and a single-page format for you to tell the story behind your products. There are four styles to choose from, each one taking a different approach to layout, which gives you an idea of what you can do with the theme.

As you would hope, the parallax scrolling disappears for mobile users, switching to a single-column scroller for better performance. The experience remains impressively immersive, though, thanks to a heavy use of images and weighted content.

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Startup aims to provide a one-page store that cuts out uneccessary steps between landing on your site and paying for products. It’s not the best choice if you have a large range of stock in multiple categories, but it’s a great option for small retailers.

It also makes a great portfolio option for designers and other creates who want to sell content from their site (eg: icon packs).

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Atlantic Shopify Theme Shopify

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We must admit, Atlantic has one of the sexiest flat interfaces we’ve seen. It combines clean typography and an organized layout to make a simple-but-seductive theme such as this. As one client puts it: “The styling is discrete yet extremely effective in conveying the detail and quality of our products.” Some features include: multi-tiered navigation menu, homepage slideshow and tons of space for featured content.


Dragonfly Shopify Theme Shopify 

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Dragonfly is an eye-catching Shopify theme that’s surely a bargain. Designed for online shoppers, it comes with 3 other styles that are minimal and easy to browse. They are: Coyote, Flamingo, and Chameleon. Dragonfly comes with a responsive design, multi-tiered navigation, 13o customization options and more.

Eighty Three

Eighty Three Shopify Theme Themeforest

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You know what they say: “Minimal is the new black.” Eighty Three is one of those Shopify themes that knows how to wear minimal and clean well. It finds elegance in the form of its organized layout and fresh typography. Your products will shine with this one. Other features are: responsive layout, different layout options, six different content sections on the homepage, shipping calculator and much more.

High Fashion

High Fashion Shopify Theme Themeforest

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Blow away the competition with this stunning and engaging Shopify theme. High Fashion uses parallax scrolling to enhance the visuals and entertain your visitors. Its glamorous look and elegant layout are great for showcasing fashion items. Some of its features are: responsive design, slideshow module, quickshop, product image effect, featured collections, featured product, blog and fly to cart. This is one of those oh so fashionable themes that are all the rage this season.


HumbleShop Shopify Theme Themeforest

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HumbleShop’s flat and sleek design makes it look modern and cool. We’d even say it has that hip rebel look to it. It looks great for shops with a younger target market. Some features are: a light and dark preset, responsive design and clear and well separated theme settings


Jitensha Shopify Theme Pixelunion

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Jitensha means “bicycle” in Japanese. We don’t know why it’s called bicycle, but in relation to its Japanese roots, it sure does have that relaxing, zen-like look about it. The clean typography, the ample spacing and the bold accent colours, all make your products pop. It has a custom drop-down menu, light and dark presets, a unique checkout page and front page slideshow.


London Natural Shopify Theme Out of the Sandbox

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London is a Shopify theme that is clean and easy to customize, much to the delight of users who bought it. One happy buyer claims: “During the launch week of the our new shop, sales were up 1343% over the previous week.” It comes in 4 styles: London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco. Some features that have made it a highly-rated theme: beautiful typography, responsive design, MailChimp support, free lifetime upgrades, video support and highly customizable options


Minimo Shopify Theme Shopify

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Minimo is a popular Shopify theme that will make your online store look clean and professional. Furniture products will look great on this one, especially in contrast to its super clean design. It also comes with a wide array of customizations like fonts, icons, colours, drop-down menus and more. It comes in 4 styles that all look wonderful, so go crazy!


Montreal Natural Shopify Theme Out of the Sandbox

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Montreal is an award-winning (it won first place in the Shopify Awards) theme that’s made to showcase high quality products. If you need to boost sales on your fine made goods, this beautiful theme can help you. Features include: responsive design, product page gallery with video support, hover to zoom option, stunning full width home page slideshow and fixed navigation, flexible settings and lots more.


Natural Shopify Theme Themeforest

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One of the latest themes to come out, Natural is both beautiful and powerful. It has a modern and simple design that works. It’s user-friendly and easy to customize for any store owner. Some features are: fully responsive, unique collection pages, integration with social media, display related products and 3 different content sections on the homepage.


Sushi Shopify Theme Themeforest

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If you’re craving for a Shopify theme that’s perfect for pairing with food and beverage sites, then order Sushi. It’s a responsive Shopify theme with an elegant and modern design – great for displaying your mouth watering creations. As for ease of use, you just worry about the cooking, Sushi will handle the rest. Other features are: shipping calculator, currency converter, unique blog/news page design, working contact form, full width page layout and more.


TenderShop Shopify Theme Themeforest

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Tendershop is the perfect Shopify theme for small stores with a limited selection of items. With its minimal and clean design, Tendershop makes sure your products get the full attention they deserve by highlighting them front and center. It comes with features like: responsive layout, two preset themes (light and dark), 14 payment method icons and more than 350+ font icons


Vantage Shopify Theme Shopify

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Vantage was designed with one person in mind: the customer. It has features that lets your customers shop with ease. Features like: sort by price, sort by name, collection filtering, slideshow, product images linked to variants, provide a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers. It also comes with 3 styles for you to choose from. Overall, a great buy.


WineYard Shopify Theme Themeforest

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This may be the perfect pairing for the quintessential wine connoisseur. WineYard is the Shopify theme for online wine stores. You can choose between 2 skins: a dark design, for those who want a strong look; and a white one, for those who want a classy look. The features are plenty and are easy to use, making it a great asset to your wine business. Other features are: responsive design, one step add to cart, quick view, last view, slider effect moving-animation effect, to name a few.

Winter Seasons

Winter Seasons Shopify Theme Shopify 

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Winter Season comes with 2 other styles, Spring Jewelry and Fall Chocolates. They all look great in featuring quality products for women, i.e. soap, aromatherapy, fancy desserts, and jewelry, to mention a few. The Shopify theme, with its minimal design, does not fail to bring out the dazzle in every product.