Best Logo Fonts of 2015

best logo fonts 2015

Establishing a brand for your business involves a lot of processes, but one thing that you shouldn’t disregard is the importance of a good logo. Most people will usually recall your company through a logo, which is basically an image-based representation of your company. In fact, some of the best logos in history have become so iconic – the bitten fruit of Apple, the double arch of McDonalds, and the swoosh symbol of Nike.

Finding the perfect logo for your intended purpose may sound like a monumental task for some, because it’s really difficult to encapsulate your company’s ideals and branding into a single image. However, you may start with a text-based logo instead of looking for a symbol or image. Typography is the current trend in websites, and it would be helpful for your company website if your logo can be spelled out in words displayed in a special font.

If you think that text-based logos have less value in terms of branding, you might want to look at the logos of Coca-Cola, Disney, FedEx, and Google.

Excited to make your logo? Go ahead and play around with these fonts that look great as logos, whether on a business card or huge billboards.

Here are some of the best logo fonts of 2015:

Al Fresco

best logo fonts - al fresco

Perfect for websites and marketing campaigns related to fashion, Al Fresco was designed with sophistication and emotion in mind. It balances just the right amount of sexiness and freshness that looks amazing on a logo.

Prosto Sans Bold

best logo fonts - prosto sans bold

This heavy typeset has just the right amount of playfulness to give your logo a light but professional tone.


best logo fonts - bella

Here’s another fashion-ready font that exudes the iconic New York or Paris style. Each letter has hairline horizontal strokes and ultra-thick vertical lines.

Cast Iron

best logo fonts - cast iron

This font looks like a mash-up of classic vintage and futuristic styles in one typeface. Cast Iron is a great fit for a wide variety of companies.


best logo fonts - manifesto

Use this clean and crisp typeface to put strength and class in your logo. Manifesto paints a retro feel but with a tinge of modernism.


best logo fonts - gauthier

This elegant font looks great not only on regular 12pt font size but also on its bold version. Gauthier takes its cue from the Renaissance style but with modern flair.

Ansley Display

best logo fonts - ansley display

Another font that combines retro style with a modern look is Ansley Display. It’s designed for large displays and text-based fonts, particularly in the sports or fashion apparel business.


best logo fonts - barbaro

This font makes perfect sense when your branding has something to do with fantasy, medieval characters, or a male-centric business. Barbaro has a masculine feel with a whiff of magic and quirkiness.


best logo fonts - marsmonster

Looking for a futuristic font? Marsmonster brings you decades – or even light years – further with its modular style and NASA-like appeal.

Esplanade Script

best logo fonts - esplanade script

On the flip side, if you want your logo to evoke a more vintage style, use Esplanade Script. This typeface is great for logos of businesses related to classic or pinup art, antique pop items, and vintage-style cafes and shops.