20 Best Directory WordPress Themes

When we compiled this list of the best directory themes for wordpress we tried to cover the main directory niches as it soon became apparent that there are various sub categories of directory websites and each will have their must have features. We have included directory templates that are ideal for city or events listing as well as those that are more suited to listing particular products (i.e. cars, boats etc). We have also included wordpress themes that are ideal for listing services available in certain geographical locations.

Not many people create a Directory website as a hobby so it is important to think about how well these themes are set up for monitization. If you are thinking of using banner and text advertising as your main income source then check there are ad blocks built in and check the theme details to see how easy it is to change the theme design to accomodate different banner sizes or positions. If you are looking to take payment for directory listings then obviously compatibility with an ecommerce plugin like WooCommerce would be preferable.

Another feature to pay close attention to on any directory theme you are thinking of purchasing is the quality of the search results and the layout of the search bar and results page. If your directory has a geolocation element to it then it is best to look for one which shows search results on an integrated google map. For those that need to list services or products, check if the theme allows you to set up different product / service elements (i.e. colour, make, price etc) and enables the user to search and filter according to these elements. Creating this advanced search functionality can cost a ton of money when done from scratch so to have them built within a wordpress template will save you a load of time and money. In fact for a directory theme, this functionality should be prioritised above the design which is far easier to change.

Anyway, enough talk. Lets get stuck into our list of the best wordpress directory themes.

Directory – Directory WordPress Theme


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This Directory wordpress theme allows website users to create and manage a website which is intended for business or directory purposes. It has a clean overall appearance, is easy to navigate, and it also allows for easy monetization. Directory theme also has a language .po file for translating the theme to several languages.

Emblem – Directory WordPress Theme


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Emblem theme is the child theme of Directory, and it has similar features which allow you to get the feel of Directory theme while being able to make more customizations. Emblem also has darker colour schemes contrary to the usually light appearance of Directory. It offers a full-width map and category page grid view for a more organized viewing experience.

GeoTheme – Directory WordPress Theme


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Geolocation as well as proximity search is enabled with Geotheme. This is a money-making local directory theme which is cross browser compatible with general and extended design options. The listings are also more organized with the new sorting options and it also has per category icons.

GeoPlaces – Directory WordPress Theme


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If you’re in need of a user-friendly city directory, GeoTheme can help you achieve this on your WordPress site. It is the most popular city directory theme used by WordPress users and it has a comprehensive range of tools to come up with a modern directory website. The homepage can be easily managed with its drag and drop feature and it allows you to manage events and places.

Vantage – Directory WordPress Theme


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You can monetize and easily customize your website with Vantage directory wordpress theme. It has a single listing details page with can present business information in an easy to read format. It also has social integration features and supports user reviews and ratings.

Listings – Directory WordPress Theme


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A responsive WordPress theme with advanced theme options, Listings is ideal for those in the car dealing or real estate business. It has 8 page templates, custom post types, unlimited sidebars, and threaded comments which promote interaction. The theme is also translation ready and it supports over 600 Google Fonts and 7 preset schemes.

Explorable – Directory WordPress Theme


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A location-based theme which allows the website user to pin posts on the map, Explorable helps make listings and travel opportunities more fun and easy to remember on a visual representation. It has complete localization features, is cross browser compatible, and supports visitor ratings system as well as filterable listings search.

The Navigator – Directory WordPress Theme


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The Navigator makes use of Google Maps to assist website viewers in finding as well as interacting with the location they need. It is an ideal theme for travel blogs or guide websites which feature travel destinations or business locations.

eList – Directory WordPress Theme


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eList can help you create a versatile online directory which also allows visitors to submit new listings. With its ecommerce integration, monetizing the organized layout of this sleek theme is possible as well. It has a custom form builder, complete localization, and unlimited colour schemes among other customization features.

Business Finder – Directory WordPress Theme


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Business Finder is ideal for those who need an online directory portal to list categorized items such as shops, websites, and companies. It also features spaces for advertising and has search and filter features for all the items which will be added to the online directory.

GLOCAL – Directory WordPress Theme


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GLOCAL supports Google Maps with Ajax, advanced search, multiple headers, and custom fields. It has a clean control panel and also supports custom fields. Street view is supported on the map, and the theme is capable of handling recurring payments.

Atlas – Directory WordPress Theme


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Creating membership packages and being able to support both PayPal and Stripe is possible with the Atlas theme that has a simple yet responsive layout. It has unlimited sidebars as well as colour schemes for better customization. It is also cross browser compatible and translation ready.

Spotfinder – Directory WordPress Theme



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Spotfinder supports PayPal integration, Facebook login, and a custom-built review system for overall website functionality. It has a responsive design with a convenient drag and drop interface and it also supports unlimited skins. Spotfinder is an SEO friendly theme which is 100% translatable and is supportive of an interactive Google Maps version.

Nightlife – Directory WordPress Theme



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For websites which aim to keep their target audience in the know with the latest events and places to go to, NightLife is an advanced events directory theme which combines functionality and looks in a neat package. It offers easy homepage management, Facebook integration, bulk upload or export, and can help in better management of recurring events as well.

Directory – Directory WordPress Theme


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For an easy website administration with controls similar to frontend use, Directory Portal is a multilingual-ready theme which also supports PayPal integration. It offers advertising spaces and has an included revolution slider.

GeoCraft – Directory WordPress Theme


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GeoCraft is considered as a powerful money-making directory theme which has a fully responsive layout for increasing page viewer engagement. It allows business owners and website managers to setup directory listing websites and being able to earn online through PayPal is possible as well. Both free and paid business listings can be made and it features a fully integrated Google Maps System for every business based on which city they belong to.

Responsive Directory Theme


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Responsive Directory Theme can help you start your own directory website which has a responsive HTML 5 design, search engine optimized features, and listing plus membership packages. It supports user uploads, Google Maps, and claim listings while being easy to customize. Monetizing your website with its payment gateway API can help website owners integrate the payment solution they prefer using.

Directory Wordpress Theme


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Directory theme has a responsive design with a built-in rating feature. It also has custom widgets which can go on its multiple widget as well as sidebar areas. The theme has a full-width layout and a functional contact form which apart from its other social-ready features, can help make sharing information from the website much easier. The theme options panel allows for better customization.

Events – Directory WordPress Theme


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For those on need of modern, stylish, and highly functional themes, Events which is also known as Events v2 has the tools you need for online event management. It has built in monetization features while also being able to include Google Maps support. It lets page visitors submit events, has a widgetized homepage, allows Facebook integration, and also lets you and the visitors RSVP to different events.

Buzzler – Directory WordPress Theme


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A listing theme with premium features, Buzzler works well for both small and medium businesses. Its feature-rich admin area lets the website manager control the design, layout, and colours to match the desired look for the business page. It also supports reviews and offers payment packages as well as information on paid and featured listings.