10 Best Calligraphy Fonts For Design Projects

Remember the time when Times New Roman was the default document font, and using a sans-serif font like Arial or Verdana was a fresh surprise? Yeah, that was probably the time when Windows 95 was the biggest thing that happened to desktop computing.

Let’s fast-forward 20 years. A lot has changed in the world of design, and each year has brought in a different kind of design theme that everyone went crazy for. This year, one of the biggest trends is calligraphy. This visual art form uses handwriting to evoke emotion or drama, usually through execution of pen strokes or changes in color. Many of today’s visual artists are slowly shifting to manual strokes and calligraphy elements for their design outputs.

Calligraphy is a very delicate art form, and is extremely difficult to perfect. If you find yourself enamored with calligraphy but cannot devote too much time and effort into learning the craft, your next best option is to use calligraphy fonts. As more people embrace this exquisite text style, font foundries have gradually created calligraphy fonts to satisfy this demand.

Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts

Here are 10 beautiful calligraphy fonts that will drastically improve your designs with just a few strokes:


ameglia calligraphy font

This font from Eurotypo spells cute, fun, and spunky all at the same time. Ameglia is perfect for café signages, party invitations, and high fashion brand logos.

Another Shabby

another shabby calligraphy font

You may very well imagine Carrie Bradshaw or any fashion maven carrying a bag with this font splashed across the fabric. This font may look rugged, jagged or crass, but that’s exactly what makes Another Shabby so fashion-ready.


armonioso calligraphy font

Dubbed as a modern curvy script, Armonioso is a rare kind of calligraphy font because of its thickness. Despite being under the category of calligraphy, the font exudes a more modern flavor.


cantoni calligraphy font

This font brings a sense of history in one angle, but it can also be viewed as a modern handwriting font. However you look at it, Cantoni can add a quirky layer to any design project.

Don Quixote

don quixote calligraphy font

This swashbuckling font will probably remind you of wax-sealed letters. Don Quixote has an organic feel as if it was painted by hand.

Nella Sue

nella sue calligraphy font

Perfect for sweet notes and wedding invitations, Nella Sue is a simple calligraphy font that looks great on paper and the computer screen.

Quid Pro Quo

quid pro quo calligraphy font

Just like Don Quixote, Quid Pro Quo creates text that look like it was really scribbled by hand. Use this font for classy invitations or announcements for the next jousting tournament!


saissant calligraphy fonts

If you were to touch this font with your bare hands, you would probably bleed. That’s how edgy and sharp this font is. Saissant is great for high-impact slogans and conversational print ads. Note that this font may not be readable for standard documents.

Sverige Script

sverige script calligraphy fonts

Classic and vampire-like. That’s how Sverige Script would appear to some people. Its soft, undulating curves are complemented by sharp points.

Wankstaberg Battles

wankstaberg battles calligraphy font

This font looks like it was the exact one used by Lincoln in the Gettysberg address. Wankstaberg Battles harks back to old handwriting of regular folks, and will give your design output a historical or classical angle.


The dramatic style of calligraphy fonts can turn your bland presentations and design projects into absolute works of art. Choose a calligraphy font that not only conveys the right emotion and message, but also represents your image as a company or individual.