Best Business Card Fonts To Set Your Company Branding

best business card fonts

In a sea of competitors, companies need to innovate in any way possible. This includes having to conjure up thought-provoking marketing campaigns, awe-inspiring slogans, and a beautiful company logo. In terms of face-to-face meetups, using the right business card fonts can also make a huge difference.

As one of the first things that people notice when you hand them your card, business card fonts can give the recipient an initial impression about your company and what you can offer. Can you imagine your reaction when a lawyer hands out his business card with Comic Sans as the font?

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Font Choice Relates To Branding

One of the biggest reasons why choosing the correct business card fonts is important is that it is already part of your company branding. Any business that wants to exude confidence and professionalism should choose a font face that displays the same theme. In the same manner, a toy company should use business card fonts that are light, wacky, and playful.

Much like how a logo can represent the company, business card fonts can already represent your company’s values and ideals.

On top of this, using the appropriate font is part of the reason that companies succeed in terms of marketing. A lot of Fortune 500 companies use words on their company logos, and using the right font has somehow catapulted them to the consciousness of their customers. Wouldn’t you want the same scenario to happen in your business?

List of the Best Business Card Fonts

I’m sure you’re already excited to get started on a new look for your business card. Let the following business card fonts inspire you to elevate the look of your own cards and set the right tone for your branding:



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This modern font is a mild clash between serif and sans serif, but it succeeds on both accounts. It’s a perfect marriage of modernist and classic font faces, and it looks amazing even on small font sizes.

business card fonts atzur


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Designed by Marco Ballare, this modern serif typeface looks good in both capital and small letters. Aside from being in this list as one of the best business card fonts, Gotu could easily belong to a list of beautiful fonts regardless of its use.

business card fonts gotu

Lemour Serif

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It looks like a classic serif font, but Lemour Serif was handcrafted to make a traditional serif typeface look more brilliant and modern. The author describes it as “a Renaissance Antiqua with letters of Latin, Greek and parts of Cyrillic.”

business card fonts lemour serif


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Clean, crisp, and contemporary – that’s Lora in three words! This font was designed as body text with a more modern flair than most book fonts. If you want your business card fonts to look classic but sharp, Lora may be perfect for you.

business card fonts lora

Roboto Slab

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This typeface features another kind of mashup, this time between rigid geometry and fluid curvature. The letters are evenly spaced, and serifs are as thick as the rest of the letterform. The result is an easy-to-read font that looks amazing on business cards.

business card fonts roboto slab



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Curves and circles are just some of the features that make Campton a classic font in the making. The typeface follows a geometric framework, horizontal cutoff endings, and a relatively short descender to exude compactness. In short, Campton just looks awesome as one of the featured business card fonts on this article.

business card fonts campton

Centrale Sans

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The geometric and humanistic features in Centrale Sans produce a warm sans serif typeface that looks great even in small font sizes. The complete typeface package contains 18 styles from Hairline to Extra Bold, so that you can use the font any way you can.

business card fonts centrale sans


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Poland-based font designer Łukasz Dziedzic created Lato (based on the Polish word that means “summer”) to exude a warm feeling – “male and female, serious but friendly, with the feeling of the summer.” The resulting typeface became one of the most trending fonts for designers, even to this day.

business card fonts lato


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Another classic in the making is Nexa, a clean and rigid typeface that is available for free in Light and Bold variants. Its clean lines and modern brilliance make Nexa perfect on business cards. All 16 Nexa font styles are available for purchase.

business card fonts nexa

Sofia Pro

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If you’re looking for a sans serif typeface that is modern and a bit rounded, Sofia Pro may be just what you need. This typeface is composed of 16 styles, in which the Light version may be downloaded for free.

business card fonts sofia pro

Final Word

Apart from choosing the best business card fonts, you also need to make sure that your business card design doesn’t fall behind. You may find some great ideas here on how to design your business cards. Bottom line, your business card design should have the following features:

  • Clean and easy to read
  • Not too fancy to the point of becoming an eyesore
  • Represents your company or brand properly
  • Small enough to fit into standard wallets and card holders
  • May be unconventional in terms of design, but not to the point of destroying the real purpose of your business card.

More importantly, your business card should contain basic contact information about you and your company. These bits of information are important, because your card won’t have a real purpose if you cannot lead your potential customers to contact you directly. Your business card should display – at the very least – your company, your name, and contact information (preferably your mobile number and email address).