Beautiful Social Media Icons To Use In Your Website

social media icons for website

In this age of social media, getting your readers engaged can go a long way in driving traffic to your website. For this reason, you need to consider adding social media icons to your website.

It is very important to have buttons that will allow your readers to share what they are reading from your blog or website. Social icons will give you an idea of what is attractive or appealing to your readers.

Fortunately, these things can be easily downloaded and installed on your website. However, you need to make sure that the buttons you are using on your website come from reputable and safe sources. Here are some websites where you can get the best social media buttons with the highest quality and from clean, malware-free repositories:


social media icons from handycons

Handycons is a set of free, hand drawn social media icon set consisting of 12 icons. The pack contains icons for, Digg, Mixx, DesignBump, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Technorati, Twitter, Developer Zone, Design Float, RSS Feed, & Email.

Long Shadow Icons

002-long shadow

This set contains all 30 social icons. It was designed by Maksym Khomenko, a designer from Lviv, Ukraine.

PSD Flat Social Icons

003-psd flat icons

This set contains 16 flat social icons in PSD format. It is based on the new trend of long shadows that pops from the background.

Circle Icons

004-circle icons

Each icon in this set comes in both dark and colored versions. It includes the most popular social media buttons used on websites.

Simple Flat Icons

005-simple flat icons

Although they were originally designed for the iPhone 5, these social media buttons can be easily resized and used for other mobile devices or the web. They were designed with full shape layers.

Stamp Social Media Icons

006-stamp icons

This is a set of 40 icons from Lokas Software. It contains the most popular social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Square Shadow Icons

007-square shadow icons

This is a set of 10 social media icons designed by Hakan Ertan

Wooden Social Media Icons

008-wooden social icons

This icon set consists of 36 social media buttons that you can use for your website. They were designed by Design Bolts.

Cute Social Media Icons

009-cute social

This set contains 40 icons designed by uiconstock.

Volumetric Social Media Icons

010 - volumetric

This set contains 40 social icons designed by

Classic Social Media Icons


This set has 40 classic social media buttons from Brainleaf.

Flat 3D Social Media Icons

011-3D icons

This set carries 32 icons from Lokas Software.

Flower Social Media Icons

012-flower social media

This set contains 28 social media buttons from Lunar Templates. It contains some of the most popular social icons used on websites.

Hex Social Media Icons

013-hex social icons

This set has 32 icons, all created by Lokas Software.

Leaf Social Media Icons

014-leaf social icons

Created by Jerry Low, this set contains most of the commonly used social media buttons.

Nail Polish Social Media Icons

015- nail polish

This set contains 40 social icons by uiconstock. It consists of the most commonly used social media buttons.

Download Social Media Icons Now!

As soon as you find the best icons, use them in your website immediately. That way, you can connect your website to social media channels and gain more followers.

[Featured banner image from Blogtrepreneur via Flickr Creative Commons]