10 Amazing One Page Websites To Emulate

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use. You’ve probably seen a wide range of websites from the simplest of details to the grandest of designs. Whatever your niche is, you need to be able to determine how your website should look like and how its user experience (UX) should flow.

Today, we’re going to focus on a specific kind: one page websites. As its name implies, this website type consists of a single page where every piece of information that it needs to convey is placed on that one page.

One page websites function most effectively when you have a single message that you want to tell the site visitor – say, a slogan for marketing campaign, or an online resume to tell prospective employers that you’re available for hire.

Website developers are now bending the content limitation of one page websites. With the rise of infinite scrolling capabilities, visitors can now view multiple pages by simply scrolling down and never leaving the page. Sure, it’s some sort of trickery to make the website appear that it’s a single lengthy page when it’s really not, but this won’t matter as long as the site visitors enjoy a seamless online experience.

If you feel that a one page website will work best for your online plans, your next concern should be how to make that simple page look amazing, grab attention, and function properly.

10 Amazing One Page Websites:


McWhopper Proposal

one page websites - 1 mcwhopper proposal

In line with the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2015, burger chain giant McDonald’s invited Burger King to a standoff by combining their two signature burgers into a single product called the McWhopper.

I Love This Fame

one page websites - 2 i love this fame

This interactive website is for a non-profit project by Washington Wizards player Marcin Gortat (through his MG13 Foundation). You can enjoy a simple basketball game from within the one page site!

Delhi Carpools

one page websites - 3 delhi carpools

Indian UX designer Tapan Babbar created this one page website concept about carpooling. Visitors can use the simple but effective interactive interface to compare carpooling with other modes of transportation.

Day of the Dead

one page websites - 4 day of the dead

This lively and colorful website was created in celebration of the Multicultural Day of the Dead Festival 2015 on October 24.

We Ain’t Plastic

one page websites - 5 we aint plastic

Berlin-based UX developer Roland Loesslein created his captivating online portfolio on a single flowing page with mesmerizing animation and minimalist design.

Your Brain On Poker

one page websites - 6 your brain on poker

This experimental one page website shows how the human brain reacts during a game of poker.

The Tuck Effect

one page websites - 7 the tuck effect

Retail brand Fruit of the Loom used this animation-filled one page website for their new campaign about the advantages of tucking your shirt.


one page websites - 8 beagle

With smooth animation and transitions, this website for the Beagle app impresses on so many levels.

NJ (L.A.)

one page websites - 9 NJLA

If you’re looking for inspiration for a landing page or a “coming soon” theme, inject humor like this one from California-based German designer Nicole Jacek.

Zen Bedrooms

one page websites - 10 zen bedrooms

Created with flat design elements, this informational one pager from UK-based window dressings maker Hillarys shares some tips on organizing a Zen bedroom.