Adobe XD vs. Sketch Comparison For The Best UX Design

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In the world of UX design, using the best software can make a huge difference. In the past, Adobe Photoshop has been lording it over other graphics design software as the go-to app for making amazing UX design. However, Mac-based app Sketch is steadily gaining ground as a powerful UX design software.

Adobe has made several improvements to make it useful for UI designing. Now, Adobe Photoshop has Artboards, Smart Guides, and an overall improved export workflow.

However, the main drawback of Photoshop is that it’s primarily a photo editing tool. This is the reason why Adobe Experience Design CC (or Adobe XD) was born: to offer a purely UX-generating tool.

In this article, we will look into the two popular UX design apps and what their respective strengths and weaknesses are.

Comparison of Adobe XD and Sketch

OS Compatibility

Sketch is only available for MacOS users. Adobe XD, on the other hand, is compatible for both Windows and MacOS.

App Interface

Adobe XD has a minimal interface, which makes the image editing tools non-existent. This makes the Adobe software unfit for retouching or removing backgrounds.

In addition, Adobe XD also makes use of invisible interface. This means that you do not have to interact with the interface in order to accomplish certain tasks. This is because either the actions are automatic or there is a keyboard shortcut available for it.

Use of Symbols

This is one aspect where Sketch is winning over Adobe XD. Let’s say that you want a component to look different from another, such as putting a hover state in one of the screens. With Sketch, you can simply nest a symbol over the other.

To do this, you need to design independent symbols for your icons and then choose which one to nest on the larger symbol.

Unfortunately, Adobe XD has not implemented nested symbols, but there is a possibility that they will in the future.

Repeat Grids

This is a native feature in Adobe XD, with no other UI design apps currently offering it. With this feature, you can repeat components horizontally and vertically while inserting unique content in each tile. You can even drag assets several times from your desktop so you can insert and automatically distribute the content.

As of the moment, Sketch does not offer the feature yet. Instead, it allows developers to build extensions that can be installed in the third-party Craft plugin.

User Flow Prototypes

Sketch does not allow user flow prototypes at the moment. You would have to do that with another service like InVision or Atomic.

On the other hand, Adobe XD has designing and prototyping tools built into one. This way, you can contain your workflow in a single app.

Image Asset Exporting

Both Sketch and Adobe XD provide support for exporting image assets. They both support PDF, SVG, and PNG. If you need to export JPG files, only Sketch can do that.

So which one is the best UX design software?

Choosing between Sketch and Adobe XD for your UX design needs will boil down to personal preference and OS compatibility. Now that you know the features of both UX design tools, you should be able to decide the perfect application for you.