7 New Adobe Typekit UI Upgrades To Make Typography Easier

Adobe has been a leader in design and technology for years, and the company has developed powerful products that satisfy graphic designers of varying skill levels. While Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are killing it in terms of popularity, one application that serious graphic design experts are using these days is Adobe Typekit.

What is Adobe Typekit?

Adobe Typekit is a design service initially released by Small Batch, Inc. in September 2009 and acquired by Google in October 2011. Its core business is offering premium quality fonts made available through annual subscription plans.

The fonts stored in Adobe Typekit can be used on websites or synced via Adobe Creative Cloud to various applications installed on the user’s computer.

As of this writing, Adobe Typekit consists of more than a thousand font families from various foundries. These are offered as a standalone service and as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Meanwhile, hundreds of other font families are available through the Typekit Marketplace.

Typekit has been referred to as a great way of enriching typography on the web that makes it more similar to print.

adobe typekit font collection

New Adobe Typekit UI Updates

Adobe wants to ensure that all users will have a seamless experience in using all of its products, and the best way to achieve this is to continuously make improvements. The following are the latest enhancements made for Adobe Typekit:

1. New and Responsive Design

Typekit can now be enjoyed using different kinds of devices without worrying about not being able to use all of its features. The older version may have had limits with regards to viewing the font browser, but it is now replaced with a responsive and mobile-friendly design.

adobe typekit responsive mobile screen

2. Expanded Font Previews

Adobe Typekit now sports a wider type preview for both browsing and family pages, with full support for default character set and custom sample text. This makes it faster and easier to find the fonts that you want to perfectly match for your needs.


3. Simpler Filters and Navigations

My Library allows you to access all the fonts that you can use with your subscription conveniently. This includes fonts that you have purchased from other foundry partners of Adobe.

Simplified filtering has also been developed to toggle web-only families and other search filters. You may also recover some screen space by hiding the filter bar after your selections have been made.

4. Visual Preview of Font Families

Fonts are now arranged with the ease in changing its width, optical size or other variants of a typeface in a single unit. You no longer need to browse through several pages to see the different styles of one font family.

5. New Family Pages

It is now possible to add or remove a font from your sync selection with a single click through the Sync button that is added next to each sync-enabled font on My Family pages. You also get more detailed information about each font in a family by clicking on the Details tab.

6. Improvements on Pagination and Filtering

Navigating through all pages is now much smoother and easier. Previous versions may have led users to spend a long time switching between pages. With the latest UI upgrade, you can go through all of the Typekit pages conveniently.

7. Redesigned Search Pages

You may search by typeface or foundry, which now shows the new and bigger families. Searching through a specific type of font is also much easier, and this would mean less time to go through all of the fonts. In other words, improvements in searching for your font allow you to get your work done faster.


Adobe Typekit has made the lives of designers so much easier, and these recent upgrades can definitely make their jobs faster and more streamlined.