4 Effective SEO Strategies to Help B2B Companies Land on Top Search Results

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Business-to-business (B2B) companies rely more on search engine optimization (SEO) to increase engagement with their prospective or loyal clients. Sure, most SEO strategies are geared towards marketing, but zoomed in closer, you will see that it is a lot more than that. SEO is defined by how your company engages with your market and how people make use of the digital world to connect to other companies that implement SEO.

Having said this, here are some SEO strategies you may want to use in your own online journey as a B2B company:

1. Make your site ready to be viewed on any device or screen size

seo strategies on mobile devices

People are always in a hurry, and usually, their phones and their tablets are their best friends In short, a lot of people carry mobile devices with them at all times.

These gadgets should be considered as one of your B2B SEO strategies. Your website should be mobile-friendly and should speak the same language as these gadgets. You want your site to be more competitive? Change your site’s interface to be more accessible and user-friendly to people using mobile phones and similar gadgets.

2. Create a LinkedIn page for your company

linkedin page for seo

LinkedIn opens doors for professional connections among people and companies working in the same industry, and even among those who are just looking for companies or people whose expertise are needed in a given project. LinkedIn serves as a social networking site for businesses and companies.

Just like how any other social networking site works, your LinkedIn page is an effective B2B SEO strategy that will help you create networks and links with other companies.

3. Boost your site’s section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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FAQs are your connection to prospective clients who are clueless on what to search for. If your site offers the answers they are looking for, then most likely, they will find your company credible. Your expertise to the services or products you are offering can be measured by the questions and answers you include.

Here is a tip for you to take, though: Always remember that the questions you include are usually as important as the answers you put. Be very smart in selecting what you put in your FAQs section because this is a B2B SEO strategy that bridges your visitors to your site.

4. Make use of Content Management System (CMS)

content management system wordpress joomla

Your online presence should come with value, and value in digital marketing stands for an updated website that carries all the information your prospective customers should know. The main reason why you developed your site, to begin with, is to keep your site visitors interested in what is up in your company. Updated sites make people feel that your company is putting in the effort to engage with them.

Developing your site through CMS is a good B2B SEO strategy because it makes regular updating easier to do. CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla allow you to squeeze in time to upload pictures and blog posts despite your busy schedule.