22 Creative & Unusual Resume Designs

Your resume will normally be the first contact you will have with any prospective employer so it is imperative you spend time on it. For most job applications this will involve making sure you have described your previous experience succinctly without out any spelling or grammatical errors and also have an attractive layout. However, if you applying for a job in a creative industry it is also worth spending time on creating a unique design involving colour, great typography and imagery to show off you individual style and talents.

Sure most of us were taught that our resumes should follow standard practices and guidelines and this is often good advice for most industries, but you must remember that job recruiters look through hundreds of resumes every day and if you have a chance to demonstrate your talents on a paper then do so. Most design employers are looking for you to show off what you got and there is no better way than to flex your design muscle than through your resume.

Although you should really be designing your own from scratch if you want something completely unique, if you want to start with a creative and unusual resume template check out these creative resume templates to download. If you don’t have a decent colour printer at home then I would recommend using moo.com or 123print.com to print off your resume designers. There is no point spending hours on creative an awesome resume only to print it on crappy paper with poor quality printer.

You also need to remember that whether you are picked for the job or not you will be able to leave an impression on the company even if you don’t get the job you applied for. This means they are more likely to check out your portfolio and hopefully save your details for future positions or recommend you for other roles they may have available.

In today’s article we will look at 22 examples of creative curriculum vitae created by designers using Photoshop and Illustrator that will hopefully inspire you for the next time you work on your resume. This list of creative resume designs is most applicable to graphic designers, web designers, interior designers, photographers, illustrators, art directors, UX / UI designers and general creative freelancers.


Stefan Irava


Robbie Baustista


Ana Livia Nunes


Daan van Hulten


Elliot Hasse


Mike Jones


Jimmy Raheriarisoa


Chuck D Lay



Hee Sun Kim


Jeff B


Katiuska Padron


Alexis Petitprez


Carson Wright


Vincent Paris


Sandra Mrksic


Nizzam Baharuddin


Shirley Schutt


Marissa Louie


Harrison Watkins


Kevin Fernandez


Sayda Muckenhirn


Milan Radenovic