10 Tutorials To Help You Customise Your Own Magneto Themes

Magneto is one of the definitive names in eCommerce platforms with over 150,000 small to medium sized retailers and a number of global brands trusting their online presence to this flexible eCommerce platform.

Magneto packs a bunch of diverse and powerful features to help your clients promote their products and content alike, while you get the benefit of a highly customisable platform to work with. Thanks to Magneto’s internal fallback architecture, you can customise just about anything on Magneto or create a totally new theme altogether. And today we have a selection of tutorials to get you started with your first custom Magneto theme.

Magneto Responsive Theme

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This guide from TutsPlus takes you through every stage of developing a custom responsive Magneto theme. It’s a quality resource and the only drawback is that you need to subscribe to TutsPlus to get access.

8 Handy Code Snippets For Magneto Developers

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This handy little list of 8 snippets for Magneto developers is exactly that, with codes for creating invoices, customers, shipments and other Magneto essentials.

Magneto Responsive Theme Creation – Part 1

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If you want a free alternative to the responsive tutorial above then check out this video from Magento Godz – the first in a series of video tuts.

Magneto Theme Development Tutorial For Designer (Part 1)

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Just as the name suggests, this tutorial article takes you through the basics of Magneto theme development and you can find links part 2 and 3 at the bottom of the page.

Create A Custom Theme In Magneto

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This tutorial at FishPig focuses on demystifying the directory structure and template files for Magneto 4.1 and later.

How To Create Your Own Magneto Design Package With Theme Variants

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This MagnetoTutorial post takes a more specific look at how to create custom design packages and theme variants in five simple steps.

Magneto: Adding, Deleting And Managing Products – Tutorial

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This quick video from tutsandtech takes a look at how to add, delete and manage products via the Magneto interface.

What To Look For Before Buying A Magneto Theme

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Shero Designs offers up this article that highlights some key things to look for in a Magneto theme for customisation.

How To Create A Custom Theme In Magneto

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Here we have another tutorial article taking you through the basics of custom Magneto themes, this time from MagenMarket.

Add Custom Tabs To Product Page

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JoomlArt offers up this quick guide to help you add custom tabs to product pages with some bespoke code for your PHTML files.

Have you got any suggestions?

If you have any custom Magneto tutorials you think would go well with this list, get in touch in the comments section and help us out!